This gameplay mod allows you to play the original Hexen maps with an engine that can be tuned to provide a play experience ranging from a complex RPG to a fast-paced FPS.


This release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the first Korax Mod release and as such includes some unique one-time content.

Korax Mod 5.2
marco.nadal.75 - - 50 comments

That initial area with the Ettins is way harder than vanilla Hexen, they take so many hits! I guess the mod starts the player weak to make the satisfaction of leveling up all the greater.

I wish I could turn off screen filtering entirely, though.

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RambOrc Author
RambOrc - - 70 comments

Sounds like you used a manual roll at character setup, which can make you end up with very low strength values (if you use the default roll instead, you'll start with 8 strength points).

That said, it'd be technically possible to have a weaker ettin subtype specifically for Winnowing Hall. Will think about it for the next release.

Regarding screen filtering effects, which one(s) specifically would you want to have an off switch?

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daedolon_mage - - 5 comments

Happy 20th anniversary, Korax Heritage! I always love your projects. Have a nice day and good luck for your next updates or new projects!

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Guest - - 699,339 comments

I've been following you guys for decades, it's so good to see you making releases! Keep up the great work!

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SilentDarkness - - 213 comments

Sorry to put this here instead of continuing the bug tracker thread, but your website bug tracker seems to have completely stopped working on all of my browsers.

Running into a serious showstopper of a bug where mouselook only works up and down, not left and right. And it's not an alt-tabbing problem, tapping alt doesn't fix this.

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RambOrc Author
RambOrc - - 70 comments

Have you checked ?

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