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Knights of the Force (KotF) is an expansion pack mod that includes stages, characters, places weapons and vehicles from the 6 movies, cartoons and comics. It is also a encyclopedia for Star Wars. KotF includes 100 new Star Wars character, 150 skin, 70 lightsaber, 40 vehicle, 50 new stage, 130 NPC, around 40 new and upgraded menu, 70 multiplayer map and an astonishing CD menu. All this is in 2 CDs (1.4 GB) You can access the level list, details of singleplayer and multiplayer features, information and pictures of the structure of KotF on the updated FEATURES section... KotF is produced in 6 languages. These languages are; Turkish, English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. KotF also includes more than 50 in-game video and cinematics and around 30 new music. To give the players full access on these maps and stages, KotF has a new menu interface. Some of these are; KotF Add/Load Menu System, KotF Player Menu System and KotF CD Menu

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MasterVV says

3 agree

This mod contains a lot of elements from the Star Wars universe (characters, maps, sabers, ships etc.). You can spawn npcs, change your character, saber, Force configuration and a lot of others. The virus that a lot of people are afraid of is just a big lie. The game contains just a small and harmless trojan. The only problem about the mod would be that it is incomplete and it has some bugs (It crashes sometimes, for example if you switch your character too much in a short period of time).


Cheebameister says

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idiot who talks much steals money from supporter and then go to "war" if anybody belives what he wrote on his page ... hes still havent come back maybe kia ? whould be a nice one


Roxas1123 says

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Original, recreates all of the movies, has all main characters and more, gives a movie feeling if you know how to use the mod right.


GeneralTantor says

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Game play: 8/10
fun all kinds of new characters, light sabers, and maps made for a very fun game play experiences. I love to play as Jabba run around fat a bulky(though takes forever to get through a lvl with jabba...anyways reason for not perfect ten is still pretty much same gameplay as JKA stock.... the movies lvls are very fun to play though all the good ones are out yet so its hard to know what to expect....
Creativity: 8/10
yeah, added a lot of new characters, character BIOs....kind of pointless to have all those bios but still creative touch...liked all the maps and ever character had its weapon at the start of the game so that was cool!!...the menus are great you can go to any lvl any map, and change characters at any time!! The angle system is awesome and the gamespeed option and dead bodies stay option adds realism. the npcs system could be better but works pretty good... overall lots of creative things came into this mod.

Quality: 7/10
liked menus... a few of the models are very outdated, and look really bad...over most of them are sweet. For some reason the sounds for the characters in the character selection menu only work when you go into the game through picking a difficulty: Jedi, Jedi Master etc...but when i selected KOTF add load system and then go to the characters it the sounds wouldn't work...and in game when you want to change characters the sound don't work either. I was also annoying that the movie cut scene would sometimes have sound but other times not...

Overall: 7.666/10
Overall despite the sound and bad models KOTF adds some cool features to JKA. Its a shame that people kept bashing Tim for no good reason and even push moddbase so far as to ban the mod... In my opinion I see no reason why this mod violates the law more than any other mod out there....


eezstreet says

Completely stolen content.


future4 says

Other then the allegations, this mod isn't bad but it's not exactly the best either, it promises a lot but delivers little; it's really only for messing around with bots for a wgile.


SovereignReaper says

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**** YOU TIM YOU ****!


TheEmperorSRB says

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Best mod for SWJA EVER


TicNoel501 says


clonecam117 says

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