In Kleiners Adventures, you will start in the garage by your car as Dr.Kleiner in the year 2002 while Xen's portal storms come into White Mesa just as you arrive to work. You find military, scientists, and security guards all dead and you have to find your way to safety, but some soldiers still stand. You might find a gun on your way exploring the destroyed facility. The military is NOT your enemy! You will fight through aliens alongside with the military through buildings, outdoor environments, and all the way to the other side of White Mesa to regroup with a group of guards, and scientists that wernt evacuated with everyone else. That is your way out of White Mesa. (You cant just leave from the garage because the door gets busted)

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As you may or may not know, im the only one working on this mod besides HL Freak who can do VERY GOOD textures and he made the new arms/hands. Read more below

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UNCLE Kleiner HERE SAYING HE WANTS YOU TO JOIN! It looks like this mod is getting good feedback and attention...except for kaski... I bet someone wants a part of this action, eh? HL FREAK is very good help to this mod. He can do textures, prefabs, web master, and more. Visit him here at his site
If you guys want to help be apart of this mod, the available positions can be filled

Beta testers (3)tgspartan
Coders/Scripters (1 or more)
Splash Screen Artists (1)
Texture Artists (2)
Backup/Extra mappers (1)
Modelers (2)
Sound Artists (Only if needed)

If anyone wants to apply, message me here or email me at
I would mostly take any coder than can. I.E change hud color and script weapons

If anyone takes a slot, their name will be displayed. If they choose for it not to, it wont.

If you model, show some pictures of something you have done
If you map, send a map to play but can also send pictures.
If you code/script, explain what you have done
If you are an artist, can I see some work?
If you create sounds, send a wav file of something neat.

He wants you! Get in touch quick as slots may go!

Benefits of joining: You get access to any file you want. (Just ask)
Automatic beta testing
Admin to forums (when it's up)
Being proud of yourself
Having fun

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