This is update of my old modpack. I made it in 2012, but now I add there lot of new things. Now I make on english translation Thanks these authors: Cromm Cruac Atmosfear 3 + absolute nature Shoker team Shoker weapon mod unknown author: Outfit mod

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Excellent merge of mods


after about 10 hours of playing!

To be honest after I saw the HUD, sprint animation and breath effect I was like "OMG, HOW COULD IT BE POSSIBLE!". For a sec I thought I was kinda dreaming except that it was real..

That mod honestly took COP to another level. the game is so much realistic and alive, weapons look so much better now also you can take money and armor from corpses.. I have to admit though that I expected a mask-breathing sound but wth.. It also took me sometime to figure out the magazine system along with other things but all in all THIS MOD IS TOTALLY WORTH PLAYING..!!


nice compilation mod, i love the weapon mod that use in this game..

Technically there is just positive things to note, looks great and runs very well, and that in itself is not an easy feat. Definitely one of the better merge mods that have been released.


A nice compilation of mods. Weapon models are beautiful, the environment is beautiful, enemies don't take the entire armory of Uganda to kill, and the mechanics for looting armor and money aren't game-breaking. I won't say anything about the stability, because not everyone gets the same performance. All in all, a great mod. If there is any room for improvement, I should say more guns, more quests, more items, more armors, and also the download to just be a .zip file with the gamedata folder in it, instead of an ISO with a setup.exe.


Very nice mod very stable I am enjoying it.Jimbo


An amazing mod that do allot of smaller stuff that improve the overall game, perfect if you don't want to go all hardcore with MISERY and still get an unique experience!


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