Daniel , the brave person from the campaign is your character. You wake up in the Storage with no memory of yourself and you dont remember anything like where you are , what happened ... You have to scout this place , try to remember and mainly... DONT DIE ! Custom Story by BesTCracK !

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what the hell?


Short and sweet. The nav problems the grunt has prevent me from rating it further, and the fact that it's short of course, but yeah it's not bad, not bad at all. Worth a try I guess.


Humeba says

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I thought it was awesome. Sure the darn monsters would not freaking leave, lol, but that was kinda cool too. It took me AGES to find that laboratory key.

- Just 6 because I dont like TOTAL RANDOM monster spawns.
And in the cellar, I was killed thanks to the confusion of the key in the first room after you pick up the lamp.

A grunt was chasing me, and the brute blocked the way.
I like it when a modder uses several monsters at once, but this was just impossible. ;)
And I take this personally.

Not really a good one. Excessive number of monster in a single map, and puzzles are only "basic".


Meki says

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This was good enough but the mixture puzzle is broken in several ways: for example, you can put a potion into the machine and it does not show there.
Also, you should get better in your English or have it checked by an English-speaking friend because there were many mistakes in the text.
And, lastly, please put some background music in the map so it can enhance the atmosphere :)

Work more on your grammar. Good for a first custom story...


Crap. Boring, non-scary jumpscares, ****** grammar, crap level design, nonexistent story.


Loirinha says

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