This is an archive of the "Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser" for Red Alert 2. Its author no longer supports this mod. Special Thanks to Linglin on bilibili for sharing this mod, otherwise this mod could be lost forever. Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser v1.25 for Red Alert 2. The actual release date of this mod is not recorded but its original release date should be around 2005.

<Readme content as it is>

Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser.

Creator: Javierkaiser
Version: 1.25
Email: <removed because no longer supported by author>
Contain: Ecache03, Ecache04, Expand02, KR V125
Installation: Place the files into your Red Alert2 directory and then run the KR V125 aplication.
Number of thing added in total: 17 new infantry
32 new units (vehicles and ships)
7 new aircrafts
23 new buildings
and other minor stuff.

Short Description: Well, in a few words this mod has things that were used before, like the Titan, and things that weren't used in previus mods, like the Acid Rain Generator. Also, this mod is suitable for most players, becuase is not too hard neither too easy and it's AI can offer good challanges.
Besides it has nice graphics and it don't use massive units/buildings that can be an annoyance and slowdown tha game.
By the way, this mod also includes a map, Frozen Fingers, done by me, and is exclusive for this mod.
To finish this short description I would like to say that this mod was created to be fun and make the game more enjoyable.

Added things for this mod:


-Xavier: A special soldier with a powerful misile launcher.
-Volkov: A cyborg with a new kind of tesla weapon.
-Demitri: A sniper that uses a rifle with electriced bullets.
-Chitzcoi: A robotized dog capable of killing anyone, even tanks and ships.
-Armored soldiers: This soldiers have a new armor to withstand more damage.
-****Heavy Tesla Troopers: This are Tesla Troopers with a heavier armor and more powerful weapon. Designed by Russian scientifics with the help of Nikola Tesla's achievements to increase the output of tesla's weapon.
-****Master Terrorist: A terrorist trained to disguise himself as an enemy and plant C4 on his base.
-****Heavy Desolators: The result of Irak's research on radioactive weapons and its effects.
-****Demolition Troopers: Soldiers armed with weapons capable of creating a small shockwave that damage the structure of buildings. Those were created after analizing some earthquakes and thier devasting effects on buildings.
-*Guerrilleros: Soldiers that will fight fot the freedom of their country, carriying molotovs and even machinguns stolen from the enemy.

-Levithan Transport: A new hover transport armed with small misiles.
-Sea Dragon: A new submarine with misiles capable of attacking target out of the water.
-Titan: A new mech designed to replace the standar tanks.
-*Tesla Tank 2: A new version of the Russian Tesla Tank. It is capable of deploying into a tesla.
-Soviet buggy: A small vehicle armed with machineguns.
-Viper: A new version of the V3 Launcher. It has 2 rockets.
-*The Punisher: An Iraqui vehicle capable of launch small planes that launch radiation on the land.
-*Demolition Truck 2: A new version of the demolition truck armed with small misiles.
-Subterranean transport: A transport vehicle that travel underground.
-Assault Choppter: A choppter armed with machiguns. Good against infantry and it can carry one soldier.
-*Nightmare: A new Cuban Tank. It carries a good arsenal of weapons, like anti-infantry machinguns and anti-tanks misiles.
-**Ragnarok: The most powerful tank ever made. It launch electrical balls againts tanks and infantry, and it has powerful misiles that uses against structures.
-****Chrono Tesla Tank: Improved version of the standar tesla tank, made after the soviets get some information on how the chronosphere works.
-Heavy Tank: New standar tank to replace the old Rhino. It has two cannons.
-Repressor: Huge battle ship with three cannons and torpedoes, designed to rule the sea and its coasts.
-****Explosive Squid: Squids wearing an armor full of explosives, when it's near it target, it blows.
-****Devastation sub: Submarine carriying weapons that use the same technology as the demolition trooper's.
-Excavator: A subterranean miner.

-Mig 29: Standar plane used with general propouses.
-Mig 31: A powerful plane used to destroy almost everything.

-Rocket Launcher: Small defense that launch small rockets.
-Aquatic Rocket Launcher: Naval defense that launch torpedoes.
-Air Base: The soviet airbase.
-Energy cannon: An updated version of the flak cannon. It shot energy bullets.
-Psychic Beacon: A more powerful version of the psychic sensor. It has more range and it can control the brain of a single unit.
-Advanced Walls: Walls reinforced with titanium and concrete.
-****Acid Rain Generator: Deadly defense created by Irak after stealing the secrets of the weather storm control and then mix them with their own ideas.


-Prism Warrior: A new soldier that uses a prism weapon.
-Marine: A new GI capable of swin instead deploy.
-Guardian GI: A new GI armed with a misile launcher. A good option against tanks.
-SEAL: One of the best soldiers of the army.
-Terminator: A cyborg armed with 2 different machineguns and C4.
-****Granadier Rocketeer: Designed by U.S. scientifics after studiying the heavy soviet waeponry.
-****AT-SNP:Heavy Sniper that shoots explosive charges at it targets.

-Howitzer: A tank armed with a long range weapon. Good against infantry.
-Buggy: Small vehicle armed with machineguns.
-**Uranium Tank: New tank that uses uranium depleted bullets.
-Eraser: A new kind of tank that makes an ion cannon strike on the enemy.
-*New Tank destroyer: Now it has 2 barrels.
-*Robot Tank: A new Korean standar tank. Is cheaper and inmune to psy control.
-Amphibius Harvester: A new hover harvester.
-Lancer: New submarine that shot water with a high presure. Efective against normal naval units.
-**Chrono Tank: A new tank that chronoshift itself and armed with misiles capable of erase the target.
-Heavy Machingun Tank: With two huge machingus, this tanks was made to take out large numbers of enemy infantry at the same time.
-****Atillery: Using long range technology, The British designed this tank, capable of deploying to attack at very long distances.
-****Mosther Ship: Designed to travle by land or sea, the Mother Ship is an hovering Aircraft Carrier.
-Goliath: Experimental Mech created as a countermeasure to the soviet's Titan
-****Triple Howitzer: Mixing power and range, this French vehicle is an excellent support for attacking teams.
-Hover Buggy: Less armor, but more quickly than the normal Buggy, and with the benefit of hover technology.
-****Heavy APC: Huge transport, big enought to carry tanks.

-*F 15: An American plane. It has cluster misiles.
-F 22: New standar plane.
-****Heavy Bomber: Slow, but powerful, this plane can take out buildings with no problem
-Eurofighter: Replacement for the stadanr Harrier, is used by European countries.

-*Sniper Tower: A new British tower equiped with a sniper rifle.
-Cannon turret: A new defense that uses cannon balls.
-Aquatic Prism Tower: A remodeled Prism tower. Used to defend coasts.
-*AT Turret: Is a remodeled cannon turret. It has the German anti tank bullets.
-Advanced Power Plant: This new power plant give the allies better energy for less money.
-*Mega Cannon: The French Mega Cannon is an updated version of the Grand Cannon. It has AG and AA capabilities.
-Super Gap Generator: Using gap tecnologi, this device is a good option to hide the base, but it uses a lot more energy than the normal one.
-Storm Tower: Using the weather controling technology, this structure is capable of striking incoming enemies with lightings.
-Sandbags: A cheaper option to the walls.
-****High Explosive Mine: This weapon is excellent to stop rushes. It lies on the floor untile the victim is near, the it explodes, killing anything near.
-****Bombardier Tower: This German invent was created to deliver massive strikes at very long distance, but is useless if something is near it.
-****Advanced Storm Tower: An imporved Version of the Storm Tower, it delivers even more lightings at it's targets.

Both Teams:
-***Chrono Enginner: Using chrono technology, this engineer can take any building.
-Bunker: A bunker with two diferent weapons. It has Prism beam for allies and tesla bolts for Soviets.

"*": Special Unit. Only for one country.
"**": Secret Unit. Infiltrate a Spy in Battle Lab.
"***": Non avadible unit. Only appears with crates.
"****": Special secret unit. Owned by a country after infiltrating in a battle lab.

Special Thanks:
-Mooman65 for his help.
-The guys from the forums. (Cnc Mod makers, Map makers, FedNet.)
-My friends for some ideas.
-Gamemate for his help.
-Kinslayer for his support and being a great friend.
-Sweet_Jesus for his help with shp and vxl, for some tips, ideas, support, and of course for being a great friend too.
-Lao Tze for letting me use his "Hoplite" infantry.
-Deezire for his editing guide.
-JR007 for some ideas, the swiming dog and for being another big friend.
-Z-man for his support, ideas, tips, help, this and that.....and for being a great friend too.
-ArgCmndr...mmm.....icons? graphics?......and for being a big friend too. :p
-Jamie, Tmapm, Vinifer7, StrikerPro for being big friends.
-The Iman for his icons, and help with shps. Another friend too.
-Robbie Bear for his great support and for being another big friend.
-Terminator for his support, ideas and another friend too.
-FS-21 for his ideas, helps, and for being a big friend too.
-Renegade for his wonderful icons, and of course, another friend too.
-To everybody that deserves to be thanked for one thing or another and I forget their names, please forgive me.
-Westwood for creating this wonderful game.
-Thank you for playing this mod.

Howitzer cameos are from Gracktov.
Chrono miner, amphibius miner, chrono tank, sniper tower are cameos from "Moorules" mod.
F 22 cameo is from Acid.
Anim of radiation is from Nemesis5x.
Viper's Voxel and the new tank destroyer were made by Sleipnir64.
Volkov's shp and Sidewinder's shp were made by Dark_Elf_2001.
All the pre released cameos and the excavator icon are from Mod Den.
GDI Humvee, Nod Buggy, F15 and F22 were made by Godwin.
The Titan and Nightmare's cameos are from Acid, also some backgrounds used by my cameos.
Some cameos (I don't remember wich) are form Lt Zack.
The deployable artillery was made by Gracktov.
Tripe Howitzer's Cameo and other thingies (Sorry, don't remember which are right now) were made by WeeRaby2k
The Soviet Airbase was made by Z-man.
The prims warrior's shp was made by gamemate.
Marine's Shp was made by Dak.
The Advanced Power plant and the other Tesla were made by Xgamer.
The Super gap was made by The Iman.
Sorry again for the people I forget to give credit for making something I used on my mod, It wasn't my intention.

Note: If you find some errors please email me. And if you have some ideas too.
After leaving the game, it would ask you if you want to uninstall the mod, if you select yes, you should re-execute the KR V125 next time you want to play the mod, and if you select no, there won�t be any troubles.
To fully unisntall it, you should erase the Both Ecache files and the Expand.


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Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser v1.25

Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser v1.25

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Kaiser's Revolution Mod by Javierkaiser v1.25 Its author no longer supports this mod.

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