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Experience Jurassic World in Operation Genesis like never before

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EchoGreen says

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An unfinished product which should never have been released in this state.


This mod has a lot of things good about it but still needs fixing. I know it's a demo right now, so this rating will most likely change, but I'm still going to say what I think the mod needs. One thing is a lot of the skins need to be fixed. Most look good but some like concavenator and the two indos aren't that good. Also some of the animations need fixing, the main one that I think needs it is the indoraptor. I also think it would be cool if the whole raptor squad could be in the game at the same time and of course I want the rest of the animals in the game but I understand that you're still working on them. I really hope that once this mod is finished I can give it a higher score because this mod has so much promise.


Zateil says

Besides some things that everyone can tweak and fix, the mod stills better than much more in this site.

I have several hope on V2 bro, the best of lucks to you.


texasredxd says



Carnage_Twister says

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If you asked me 2019 if I would ever give this mod a bad rating I would have laughed. The story is unplayable, so no Site B mode. Features and dino models never saw the light, no custom behaviours (or glitchy ones).Even the Operation genesis mode is weird. This mod should never came out, since it is more than unfinished. And I guess that will never change. Just disappointed.


Chariwade says

So far not what i expected, but it's ok (mainly because it's incomplete).
Many dinosaur skins are lacking a lot of quality, mainly the Baryonyx, Indominus, Spinosaurus and Metriacanthosaurus.

The AI is not the best too tbh, most carnivores don't actually eat, indorapto can't walk for more than 5 seconds without resting, T-rex can't really get in territorial fights with spinosaurus, etc.

On the bright side, model quality is quite good alongside the herbivore AI.

Overall i think this mod i on the right path, but it needs many improvements to become a very good version of the game.


Gojira18 says

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o mod começou exelente , mas ficou pior, agora varias skins e modelos apenas pioraram, falta de variedade de dinos


Ennardfaz324 says

A VERY GOOD mod, good work TohoSociety


Spideyfan53 says

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Amazing models, sounds, AI, everything is AMAZING I love it, keep up the amazing work TohoSociety

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