Jurassic Rage is an episodic, team-based, dinosaur infested modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. We are undertaking the challenge to incorporate fun gameplay with a realistic world and an evolving storyline into one well-tested and balanced package released every 30 days. Every month a new version will be released, each one with as many new features as possible, exposing new story plots and allowing you to experience them ingame. Fun and gameplay are top priority in JR:Evolution, therefore if some element isn't fun enough, we'll keep working on it until it will be good enough. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we will consider any and all ideas you post. Jurassic Rage merges single-player and multiplayer. We have multiplayer gametypes that can be played like missions in a single player game, except that you can play them on any map that supports it, not just one.

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My name is Hugo Silvério, leader of Jurassic Rage. Today we’ve reached a new stage on the game development. I’m really proud to announce that Jurassic Rage team has been working really hard since the beginning. We have been quiet about the progress but that doesn’t means we’re not working.

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My name is Hugo Silvério, leader of Jurassic Rage.
Today we’ve reached a new stage on the game development.

I’m really proud to announce that Jurassic Rage team has been working really hard since the beginning. We have been quiet about the progress but that doesn’t means we’re not working. Since we hadn’t updated for a long time, in this post I will let you know what’s going on with Jurassic Rage, the team, the progress, and what is coming next.

Like I said, Jurassic Rage has reached a new stage of development, this means that we were walking but now we are running!
We have lots of new things in Jurassic Rage. The first and you already noticed, we’ve changed our layout. This new layout is much more comfortable to our eyes.

M@ty has finished a lot of new weapons which has an awesome quality and full of details.

D0Cd has been working really hard on our dinosaurs, he has not only modeled almost ALL the dinosaurs but also did the skin mesh for them.

Eot156 and towers has finished our story which looks awesome and full of action.

Sapien has been working on all our dinosaurs’ concepts and models sheet, and now he is working on the texture concepts.

PrimeSuspect has finished all the sounds for Jurassic Rage, and he has been working with a professional studio to make the music’s for us, and they are ground shaking! I can’t find another word for them!

I have been working on the skeleton for all our models and some of them are ready to be animated, we will be showing videos of each of them in the following days.

Davesplaty has been working on maps concept.

I, r3men4nt, eot156, and Elkz have been working on this nice new layout.

Illogic and Adam from Ghost Ops are working on the textures for our dinosaurs, and I must say. They are TOP QUALITY! It gave a whole new looking to our dinosaurs! Really thanks guys!

We have 3 new additions to our team. Bananabitter and Magriep which joined our programming team, and Dino who whom will be doing the dinosaur research and behaviors.
We also have our own voice chat server now! If you want talk to the team and Jurassic Rage fans, just read this Post in our forums to learn how to use it.
I'd like to invite everyone to join our voice chat! some of the Jurassic Rage team members will be there on the site release!

And now some words from eot156 (Amir G.), Jurassic Rage’s Coleader.

Hey everyone,
It is really exciting being here to speak out on everything that has been going on behind the scenes at JR. We’ve had so many things to do and discuss, and so many things to show off that its been hard waiting for the day that we would release it. Anyway without further ado I’m going to explain a bit about a few things that I have been involved with since our last update.

One of the biggest accomplishments of JR was the conclusion of the story and the mission outlines by Towers and I. The Story is without doubt one that will be exciting to play, and will have infinite replay value. Weather being Raptor infested Labs, carnivores lurking in sewers, or the T-rex stalking your bloody wound, our story will without doubt keep you on your toes.

The other aspect of Jurassic Rage that has evolved immensely since its release is the Deathmatch Cooperative Gameplay (DMCOOP) that Jurassic Rage created. Jurassic Rage is the first mod to ever implement this idea. Starting with 2 teams of player controlled Humans who play against eachother through an intense storyline (created entirely by the JR team), and then evolving into much more with a 3rd team of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Controlled Dinosaurs that will haunt both teams simultaneously. Not only do you have to worry about the other human player that will try to stun baton you behind the corner, but you better watch out for the raptors looking for an easy meal.

Not only is our Gameplay revolutionary, our map rotation and mission system is also totally new. This new system will make every Game of JR a different one from the last time you played. Our mission system will use the fact of a teams Loss or Win to determine the position of the team on the next map. If a team Wins a map, on the next map their team will be placed in a more favorable position than if the team had lost. This will applaud team play and also will place more merit on winning a map and completing your objectives.

To elaborate more on Gameplay I think I should give you guys a little taste of what different types of Gameplay we will include. This isn’t something that I will totally reveal right now, but I will give a taste. Our Gameplay is not only confined to First Person PVP, but it also includes Vehicles incorporated maps that will place a large importance on vehicle racing, and achieving certain goals. Just be ready for a Jeep vs. Jeep map with some little friends chasing you. That’s all I’m going say for now.

For programming, as Hugo said earlier, we have some new additions. Magriep and Bannana that I recruited for programming our mod. am very confident in our team, and we are pumping out material like there is no tomorrow. Anyhow, without further delay feast your eyes on some JR media!!

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