A gameplay and visual overhaul with lots of extra optional features.

This is the very first official mod for Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. It is a total gameplay rebalance and visual overhaul of the game.



- Fixed face card payouts being too low. they are now at half their original value while normal contracts are at 1/4th

-Removed special and advanced supply drops to make AA rifle and prototype rifle feel more like rare weapons.

- Re-added surgical strike-Payout for song contract is 0, making NG+ less of a power fantasy

-NPC's take more damage from machine guns and explosions-

- Removed Sniper Rifle drop. Sniper supply is still there,

- LOD removal on NPC's and vehicles.
- Machine guns are buffed against light vehicles and do more damage to the player.

- Increased vehicle resistance to bullets, as they were exploding from small arms WAY too quickly.
- Small arms do 0.5x more damage to the player. Really not all that noticeable.
- Nerfed small arms against regular and light armor vehicles, but made them more susceptible to machine gun fire and explosions.
- Removed Surgical Strike from the shop, as I thought it was a bit too cheap and overpowered.
- New weathers in a few places.

List of core changes:

• Significant increase to enemy weapon damage. Large but fair spike in difficulty with boots-on-the-ground firefights.

• Overhauled faction relations. AN and SK are unfriendly at the start. China is hostile from the start, so you'll have to bribe them or find some other way to earn their favor. Every faction will shoot the Russian mob on site.
Allies and China are hostile. Allies and SK are unfriendly to civilians. (If you are installing in the middle of a playthrough, make sure to use the cheat to reset faction relations to default to get these.)

• More realistic gravity, which in turn means less floaty driving physics.

• Much harder to hijack helicopters from the air.

• Anti material rifle buffed significantly. It is capable of exploding an NK jeep in 1 - 3 hits.

• Various minor tweaks to vehicle armor.

• Unclimbable slope check has been slightly reduced, meaning more mountains are climbable.

• Props (Boxes, blown up vehicles, barrels, etc) can be destroyed with guns or explosions.

• Money earned from contracts is halved. Use those funds wisely.

• Helicopters are much weaker, and have been cut from the MoM. Except for the UH-60.

• New HUD

- NEW (optional) FEATURES:

- Difficulty Modifiers:
- All out ped chaos
- Factions are broke
- Instantly explodable vehicles
- New HUDS! - Relation Tweaks
- China and NK are allied
- United Koreas: NK and SK are allied
- All out faction war
- AN shoots at civilians (may cause issues with some contracts...)

- New Weather Types!



Back up your .iso. You'll need apache3.


Just install Apache3 and open it right up. Say "ok" to whatever messages pop up.

Step 1: Navigate to File > Open and open either your Mercenaries iso file.

Step 2: Right click on whatever file you'd like to replace and click "Replace Selected File."

Step 3: Open the Juche Edition folder, then "Main Files." The next folder is the same name as your game's .iso. Open that.Choose RS.ini. (or whatever file you'd like to replace)

Uncheck "Update TOC."

Check "Ignore file size differences."

Replace the file.

That's basically it! Rinse and repeat for all other files. Just match the names up.

Keep in mind that this program saves automatically.

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JE 0.941

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0.941 full version, check mod description for changelog and installation.

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