In the coming days more information will appear here..... Key features: 1) Available all force for upgrade 2) Each force has 4 levels 3) Rank system (new rank increase max force and unlocked new sabers) 4) New types of enemies

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pakka says

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One of the best JKA mods I've played. The gameplay is MASSIVELY improved and the lightsaber combat feels the best in this mod than in anything else I've played. The soundtrack is simply an amazing change and the character and saber customization is epic to say the least, all of them exclusive to this mod in particular. Isn't that enough for you to download this great mod? Let me explain further :

The lightsaber combat is simply amazing. There's no fluff or cons. It's fast, simple, deadly yet hard to master and you're encouraged to act carefully, because a single attack can end the enemy and a single mistake can end you. The new animations are wonderful. Full dismemberment is on at all times so you can cut enemies to pieces. There's gore too and it works well (unlike many other JKA mods).

Firearms were also rebalanced so now the game encourages you to use weapons as well and now the weapons feel powerful and useful, like the original Dark Forces and Republic Commando. The Hoth mission is very hard (almost impossible) without using firearms, so you're encouraged to use ranged weapons. You're encouraged to use firearms against enemies with firearms and sabers against saber wielding enemies.

AI has been massively improved as well. Only some of the enemies act stupid but even then it's actually rather comical (because it's usually aliens that look stupid). Enemies frequently jump and move around terrain to avoid your saber attacks, some enemies also have resistance against low level mind tricks and some firearm enemies even try to go full on hand-to-hand kung-fu as well if you get too close.

Every level has a gravity meter now, which is realistic. I've always wondered why every Star Wars planet has the exact same gravity as the other but now this mod addresses this for the first time. Truly amazing. This also changes the gameplay for some of the missions so you can do cool tricks with low gravity, like getting in spots you're not supposed to and even sending enemies flying. Really fun.

The soundtrack is such a nice change of pace. Are you tired of the same old same old John Williams orchestral pieces playing over and over and over rehashed straight from the movies non-stop? Then how about you try 80's styled techno songs that feel like they're straight out of cheesy 80's action movies? This is the mod for you. The soundtrack makes the mod feel like it's A-Team in space. And it's awesome.

There's even new features like all the force skills having 4 levels instead of 3, being able to chose any lightsaber type from the start (single, dual or staff), red and white crystal lightsabers, new enemies, a ranking system (where you get more force power points everytime you rank up), more hilts to unlock everytime you rank up, new animations, inventory system from Outcast and so much more.

This mod doesn't just improve Jedi Academy, it makes it into a completely new beast and it makes the game feel like a truly unique game apart from pretty much anything else.

Don't be fooled, this isn't the
Brutal Doom of Jedi Academy, it's not just a "gore" mod or just another "hard difficulty" mod, this is the Halo SPV3 of Jedi Academy.

Granted, this mod IS still pretty ******* hard on Chuck Norris difficulty though. Only play at that difficulty if you've already pretty much mastered JKA's campaign to heart, and even then you'll have new surprises waiting. Hahaha.

The only cons about this mod is, because it's still in early development, it still has many bugs and crashes, but not enough to deteriorate the experience. The crew making this mod is clearly talented and it's clear this mod is full of further potential, hence why my review is a 9/10. I may edit this score to a 10 if they manage to improve even further.



DesannxLuke says

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It's dope


Willhelm72 says

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best mod, like a functionning compilation but with enough of its own ideas to remain relevant.
Greatest mod for me yet


ArcEmber says

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Ey that is pretty gud


AtomowyFigiel says

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I miss this type of mods :,)


FishFlop says

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