JAU will be a total conversion of Jedi Academy. It will bring you "The Force Unleashed" to the PC in a way like it doesn't exist right now. It won't be a copy of TFU, it will be a new game based on TFU.

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Jul 21 2009 Anchor

I will make all the cutscenes.

The production of the cutscenes will begin at March 2010.

Jul 24 2009 This post has been deleted.
Jul 26 2009 Anchor

When say "cutscenes", do you mean cinematics or videos? Because you meed new animations for most cinematics.

Jul 26 2009 Anchor

I think both of them. Cinematics and vidos ;)


What about the throwning and moving some things and enemies using force in this ?  Youtube.com something like that .
And can starkiller throw his saber through the arbor like in originall TFU? Andwhat about the starkiller voice ? Is it originall from tfu ?

Jul 26 2009 Anchor

Just wait ;)
I'll release a trailer or pictures of the cutscenes as soon as possible ;) Right now there's nothing to show.
I'm currently looking for a good 3D-Program that I can handle. Freeware would be good :rolleyes:

spior Spior
Aug 9 2009 Anchor

Duh,GMAX or 3ds max(well it's not a freeware,but nothing bittorent whouldn't fix)


Lookin' forward 4 JAU.
U RULE FIREDRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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