Podunkian\ Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon: Source is a deathmatch mod with a bunch of incongruous weapons, and a bunch of incongruous maps. An outdated features list: - A lot of weapons from other games and stuff. - Great voice acting, by me, because I rule. - Action Half-Life style diving. - Day of Defeat style proning. - Unreal Tournament style combo messages. - A hell of a lot of weapons. (Almost 30 in fact) - A rather functional, and slightly sexy particle system. - A console command called KarPar, which rules. - An optional Stealth gameplay mode called Snake versus Monkey.

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We are becoming legit.

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So lately I've been working my face off trying to get HL2JKS to be more legit, which pretty much means I'm in the process of replacing any models...

A new trailer...


Never fear, a new trailer is coming.

Introducing new gameplay mode: Battle Royale

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So ever since I fixed Snake versus Monkey mode, I've been able to work on other aspects of HL2JKS. The newest gameplay mode I've implemented...

Snake versus Monkey mode FIXED!

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After emailing Valve for a bit of help, I've finally got the dreaded Snake versus Monkey mode "Spawn without a Snake" bug FIXED. Also...

Very Early HL3JKS Screenshots

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Here are some screenshots from a very very early alpha of Half-Life 3: Jaykin' Bacon Source that I've taken. So far the game's got Akimbo...

HL3JKS Update

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With the release of the new version of the Source SDK which makes animating a lot easier, I've decided to start work on Half-Life 3: Jaykin'...

HL2JKS Released

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Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source is ready to be released (Actually, it has been for awhile now). For those of you not in the know, HL2JKS, a Half-Life...

Half-Life 3: Jaykin' Bacon Source

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HL3JB: S is progressing very slowly. I've got akimbo berettas in, as well as a manual pump shotgun (SPAS-12). The problem is that the HL2 player...

Source update


I've been working on a Source version of the mod lately, and things are going kinda okay. So far, I've added the akimbo berettas and slightly...



I've begun working with the Source SDK. Half-Life 3: Jaykin' Bacon Source might be a reality.

"Internal" version 2.0a has been released

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I released a new "internal" test version of HL2JKS yesterday night. The changes in the new version are as follows: - Satchel charges are stronger...


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If anybody out there wants to make some maps for HL2JKS, check out the FGD here. It's a little incomplete, but it works, so check it out: Download...

The official HL2JKS IRC channel


You can find the official Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source mod IRC channel at: #hl2jks on irc.gamesurge.net

Trailer Released!

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A trailer for Half-Life 2: Jaykin' Bacon Source (A Half-Life 1 deathmatch mod) has been released! You can download it from fragfiles, below: Download...