It Came From Red alert! is a mod that brings the original Command & Conquer: Red Alert into Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. All versions require Red alert 2: Yuri's Revenge V1.001. The current, and likely final, version is Pre-release Candidate 1 (PRC1) which does not require any additional community patches. The mod originally started as a coding-only mod so that I could play something resembling Red Alert with the newer interface features like right click scrolling and turned into something way beyond that. It's been consistently popular since the first version was released with a steady trickle of views and downloads even to this day. Thank you all for the kind comments the mod has received over the years and I'm sorry I never managed to finish it, especially as it got so close to being totally done.

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Just a quick note on what I've done for the next release up to now and download numbers.

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At the moment bugfixing for the fifth release (either Beta 4 or Release Candidate 1) is as follows.

• Swapped Soviet Parabombs and the Soviet Paradrop so the Parabombs require Npatch and the Paradrop does not.
• Flame Tower’s fireball reinserted.
• Volkov added (coded, not buildable).
• Chitzkoi added (coded, not buildable).
• Removed ugly texture from Iron Curtain animations.
• Tesla Coil weapon now correctly fires in 3 bursts.

Yeah, there was an error as huge as the Tesla Coil working completely wrongly... oops. Weirdly no one picked up on it until the last beta, but the Soviet's iconic base defence will be back to full power in the next release.

Sadly there are big gaps in the graphical completeness of the mod - there's still a bunch of terrain to do (possibly the most tedious thing in the world), aswell as the damage frames for the buildings (also rather tedious).

I think I'd rather delay any future releases until at least the damage frames are done, any opinions?
It's frustrating that something as stupid as the fireball error and something as important as the Tesla Coil's weapon are broken but it seems a very small amount of changes for another release.

In other news, ICFRA! BR3 is still solidly getting around 4 downloads a day via ModDB and the ModDB page gets around 20 visits a day. 4 and 20 aren't huge numbers, but when you're getting that most days for a mod that's not had a new release for 7/8 months it seems a fairly nice flow of activity. BR3 downloads via the ICFRA! website stand at around 17,500 (though I know some of these are multiples from when people were having trouble) and downloads via ModDB stands at a little over 2000 (though the counter was wiped when the new ModDB style kicked in).

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