This MOD is for the Remastered Version of Red Alert, and introduces ANT Units as a buildable unit type. Thanks to research in Top Secret Bio-Laboratories in a Classified location in Scotland, these terrifying creatures are back, and with new Genetic Modifications expected to be revealed. ON HOLD - Due to the core game being unstable with latest updates, this project is on hold.

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I'm going to keep this short.

Electronic Arts has done it again, they've basically given me some legal blah blah that ultimately says that I can't release any Updates to any of my MOD's that I have for any Games that are the Interstitial Property of Electronic Arts or any of its partners. I'd be walking on eggshells if I tried, and they could get nasty at any time if they chose. I'm not in a habit of poking Lions as they Sleep.

Translated: All MOD's that were under the development of the CCS Command & Conquer MOD Group, have been Frozen. The data that has already been released can remain as is as far as I know, but this may need to be pulled at a later date. While not cancelled entirely, I'm unable to release anything, so this means it might as well be.

Not my fault, it's some E-Mail that I got from Electronic Arts, and their point of contact for dealing with MOD's such as mine. While on one hand, I could in theory release the current Version of my main MOD Command & Conquer 5, this would no longer be covered legally. Thus if EA wanted to play nasty, they could then decide to make a legal claim against me. I used to be previously covered by a Legal bit of paper, but that's now expired as it was over 10 Years ago (when the project was first conceived).

Is this the end of me on MODdb, short answer no. I'm about to start working on something else instead.

Is this the end of the CCS Command & Conquer MOD Group, yes, by that name at least. I can no longer keep the name as it currently is, so it's going to be renamed. Basically, it's not allowed to have "Command & Conquer" in its name.

PROJECTS SUSPENDED - Until further notice

PROJECTS SUSPENDED - Until further notice

News 4 comments

So, as the title states, all projects that I'm leading are suspended.

It Came From Red Alert!

It Came From Red Alert!

Feature 1 comment

Hot off the press, strait from the tabloids, here's all you need to know.

Making Units Amphibious: The Messy Method

Making Units Amphibious: The Messy Method

Client Side Coding Tutorial

This is how to make units capable of traversing Land and Sea, the lazy way.

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ANT WAR - Broken Version Incomplete

ANT WAR - Broken Version Incomplete

Demo 1 comment

This is currently NOT working, so I'm uploading what I've got so far in the hope of fixing it.

GEN.ZOOL Creator

Due to bugs in the latest release of the game, progress is on-hold.
I can hardly test a MOD works if the game isn't stable.

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GEN.ZOOL Creator

For those who are wondering, is this going to be a Multilingual MOD, I can say:

YES, Support for all Languages will be available to this MOD*

*Defined by the following list:

ENGLISH=Column4 (Assuming USA English)
CHINESE=Column12 (Using Chinese Simplified written language)
CHINESE_TAIWAN=Column23 (Using Chinese Traditional written language)

This is direct from my Code.

Please Note: All translation are from Google Translate, so may not be direct. If you do notice errors in my translations, please provide me with the correct translations.

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