Insurrection is no longer a partial conversion and is now a Total conversion for C&C 3 tiberium wars it is a sequel to C&C 4 Tiberian twilight and dates 500 years after kane left earth. CABAL returns and is on MARS and uses MARS as a planet for his cyborg and borg and humans that support him. GDI is now the federation and has transformed the moon into a like well a moon that can support life and now colonized it and the people there own government called the empire and now is preparing another war The empire lost the war very badly because not enough men and retreated to mars where a small base will protect them from any hostiles in the area.

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A list of mod positions ready to be taken on insurrection.

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Modeler: Open

Texture Artist: Open

Animator: Open

Infantry Modeler, Animator: Open

Voice Actor: Open

Mapper: Open

Coder: Open

World Builder: Mission map maker, Regular map maker: Open

Concept Artist: Open

UVmapper/ Texture Artist: Open

Main XML Coder: Open

U.I. Texture Artist: Open

Main World Builder: Open

If you know any of these and want to help send me a PM or comment below thanks for your support!

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