Insanity's Requiem thrusts you into the ass-kicking combat boots of UAC Blackwatch Specialist, Ryan Wolfe. Ryan is a 29 year old Marine who happens to be better than any and all of his most physically fit peers... His secret? He's 1/2 Demon. His reflexes are unmatched, He can run faster, hit harder, and fight longer than even the most battle hardened human. Being able to double jump in mid air thanks to latent Demon Magicks is also a cool bonus.

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The_Zombie says

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Great mod. Creator is constantly working on it and trying to improve upon and make better. Great mix of items, weapons, enemies. Grab it while it's hot.


GoldGrave says

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This is a very good mod if you are up for a challenge


Buckethell says

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It gives DooM a new (and bad-***) way to play it.
It's sorta "tactical" and over the top at the same time.
The balance it's good and the mod changes enough things to let you play for other countless hours.
Great job.


RandomGuyOktay says

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İn my opinion, best weapon and gameplay enhancement mod for Doom. I highly recommend you yo play this mod


Alexandr21(rus) says

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Nice !


scaryred24 says

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A difficult yet fair mod. Makes you relearn how to play Doom without making you too overwhelmed. A no frill and action packed without holding your hand. Not for novices.


TomFreak23 says


CarlosAtBV says

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