Insanity: Nocturnal Confusion, a custom story by: "DNALANGE" Story: "A man awakens, scared and confused, his head pounding as he explores the places from his past. His home and village are deserted, and Lord Statthem is nowhere to be found. You find a note left by a mysterious friend telling you that your village has been attacked by demons and you were injured, and that things have taken a turn for the worse since you were incapacitated. You must find Lord Statthem and make sure he's safe; if anyone, he'll know how to get rid of these demons. That is, if he's still alive... "Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." -Friedrich Nietzsche Features: • Roughly 2~ hours of game-play • Extremely detailed mapping • Fair scare tactics (few jump-scares) • Fun, and easy to follow story • Non-linear exploration • 550+ Hours of work • Professional scripting • And much more. I made this for the people who LOVE ATDD!

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There is no more of rectangle-shaped maps. I like that. The design is sometimes unrealistic, but surely looks good and even original at some points. Generally a very good custom story, perhaps with some minor bad elements which don't affect the score much. Puzzles are about a lot of keys, it took me some time at certain points to figure out what to do, and also some 'newer' ones. Enjoyed quite a lot.


For the first mod from the creator it is indeed very good! The mod has complexity and variable environments, you can go outside, smart mechanics and jumpscares.
At some points you can feel a little lost but overally it is good and is a fun experience.

when i enter the mansion there is no other level .... !
therefor every time i go there i will be tossed out of the map .... !

Really good! The amount of detail in the level design and good jumpscares were the two things that stood out for me The story was also decent. Nothing else super spectacular but this mod is definitely one that is worth your time


The mapping is not extremely detailed. Many areas where better mapping looks could have come out better, better lighting, and better overall detail. Scripting is alright but can be obnoxious at times. Also when you fall into that dungeon place in the factory, it takes way too long to get out of the first room. Other than that its okay but I can see improvements. :)


ElectricEye says

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"Few" jumpscares? Dude, this is a troll-*** story. There's nothing BUT jumpscares (including a FNG) and "instant chase music" monster attacks, the survival of which are often more based on reaction speed than shadowy evasion. The narrative is bland and written in horrible English (a talking grunt using "u" instead of "you" = troll story). You used an Amnesia sound file that used the word "Daniel", although the protagonist's name is John. On the plus side, the level design is superb and the scripting above average. There's no doubt a lot of effort went into this.

wow, such a big story, and it had a ery good feeling as well!
Thank you!


Just an amzing mod!
Very well done dna.


decent story and scares i have to admit but the bugs and pointless impossibly difficult ladder part to get a dagger which is at the end anyway really brought my opinion of this custom story down also the cutscene's and slow motion walking ending is way too long all in all worth playing but not something to really enjoy

Fairly good mod, enjoyable, lots of detailing which make's this story succesful and map desing is different, but good too.

Decent - 7/10

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