This is a mod for the Source Engine set in the meatgrinder of World War II. Hinging around epic player-controlled tank battles, tank escort and demolition maps with high degrees of destroyability throughout the maps. Gameplay will be more based on realism than the "run-and-gun" style of many Source based games, game-pla

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still climbing - life comes standard without a safety-net

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Leon's Azeville map

Been awhile, rumours of the death of this mod are greatly over-exaggerated
Lots of life getting in the way of mods this summer, Leon has been busying himself with some of the smashing models seen in the recent update pics. Everyone pop over to Leon's profile page and tell him what a sexy beast he is, won't you?

I have been kind of delinquent, brain-burnout is a real danger with mapping and modelling, but mostly I have been working seven days a week for the last 6-8 months, I am not even sure how long, it's all a blur >(

c'est la vie. I am rekindling the flame and Leon will be back soon with some update pics of his awesome Azeville map. There is a quick snap here above ^ ^


Among the current update pics is a look at the reconstituted Leningrad map(above), originally made by abominable37 for the Sniper Division mod (currently suspended), to be used for IoV with abom's permission - it is totally reworked, larger and with an area portal/corridor system to smooth out the FPS.I think a little cross-mod asset-sharing with the Voice from that mod might be in order in the future so as to re-ignite the SD mod, it is a keeper, as a community we can't just let it disappear.

WIP 105mm 331

We are now sans character modeller, with no models to show for the past year and so it looks as though my plate just got alot heavier. We are still in need of some talent here, modellers with a penchant for weapons are always welcome, there is a prolific modeller here on moddb tagged MagnumPI, he was into helping last I chatted with him, but it is tough keeping interest without posting new content regularly, that plus life gennerally makes members with staying power hard to come by. I will jab at Magnum again, he has a CAWLT and some other sweet weapon models already in the can that he said we could use.

We could use a character modeller and an experienced coder, I am ok with the basic build stuff but it would be great to find someone for whom coding is easy-peasey fresh and squeezy. 8D

Vehicle/other modellers are also desirable. There are a couple of chaps from England, jolly old, that have a variety of skills, time to dust off the mod and my charms and see if we can draw some quality talent back in.


Keep watching, more updates soon, help us to keep this mod going, anyone that knows members or others with serious talent and the drive to finish works are welcome to PM me or have them do so. We all need a little help sometimes and it is best to climb one mountain at a time.

Thanks for checking us out, more to come soon.

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