Incandescence Developments; A location of peace and deep thinking. The Incandescence Developments Mental Abilities Enhancement Program (IDMAEP)Is a program in which Chell partakes in. There are many new puzzle elements, designed to both frustrate the test subject and to help them toward succeeding. This doesn't take place in the Aperture Science universe, however... Incandescence Developments isn't like Aperture. The test associates actually cares what you do, and don't try to murder you. Time is key. Time of day. One test chamber might be impossible at day, but easily bypassed at night. Please note that this mod is on halt for Portal. It's Portal 2 version is currently in experimentation. Windows Compatible - Yes. Macintosh Compatible - Maybe; I don't like Macs, nor do I own one, so don't expect me to help you if my mod causes your Mac to a-splode. Standalone - Possibly.

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My laptop hasn't been working lately; My dad tried disassembling it to fix the LCD cable but he didn't have much luck. To be honest, I don't even know where the laptop is now. Anyway, this is of significant importance because all of the Incandescence Developments content is on that laptop.

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I can't get ahold of the content! It's on my (now probably broken) laptop. All the progress that you saw, down the drain at the moment. I'm going to give the Portal 2 engine a shot; I might like it better. It has more features and gives me more ideas; I read in a wiki page about Portal turrets that there originally was supposed to be a turret recycling system in which one machine put a turret into a box, then gave the turret in a box to a machine below it. The second machine would unpackage the turret, disassemble it and throw away the boxes. I might do something like that with Incandescence. I've also thought about changing the logo. I'll also need a test associate voice, so that will give me alot to do. In other news, Portal 2's new map editor will give me a base to work off of in the test chamber creation area.

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