Incandescence Developments; A location of peace and deep thinking. The Incandescence Developments Mental Abilities Enhancement Program (IDMAEP)Is a program in which Chell partakes in. There are many new puzzle elements, designed to both frustrate the test subject and to help them toward succeeding. This doesn't take place in the Aperture Science universe, however... Incandescence Developments isn't like Aperture. The test associates actually cares what you do, and don't try to murder you. Time is key. Time of day. One test chamber might be impossible at day, but easily bypassed at night. Please note that this mod is on halt for Portal. It's Portal 2 version is currently in experimentation. Windows Compatible - Yes. Macintosh Compatible - Maybe; I don't like Macs, nor do I own one, so don't expect me to help you if my mod causes your Mac to a-splode. Standalone - Possibly.

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What a slow video...

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Did you read the description?? He had to take pictures!

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He needs to get either a Capture Card or a Hauppage HD PVR. I admit that they are expensive, but I think they are well worth it.

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I sincerely apologize for the slow rate at which the video plays, Source Recorder wouldn't correctly make an AVI file (It always showed as 0 bytes) So I had to have it record it per-frame, so there were maybe 5-6 hundred TARGA images and a wav in my Portal folder. I used VirtualDub to patch the audio and images together.

Anyway, I created the Turret Closet as a testing feature to help make solving puzzles even more difficult and agitating. Turrets are normally going to shoot you, but you can pacify them by placing them into a Turret Closet. The mechanism that makes this work is a trigger_multiple and an ai_relationship. When the turret enters the trigger_multiple, it is applied a friendly nature towards the player. This puzzle element, as seen in the video, could be used to open and close doors, and maybe turret versus turret battles.

Also, music will be replaced. I'm probably going to have timeless musics (Celine Dion, Bach, Barbra Streisand, etc.) Easy listening music playing instead of the eerily calming Portal music.

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