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The mod embraces the fantastical universe and story created for the original AoE3 singleplayer campaign and tries to expand upon it with more Circle of Ossus related content and story. This includes some new extended lore, made up specifically for the mod which will serve as explanation and backstory for future Circle content.

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Circle Mural

“The Circle of Ossus strives for the constant betterment of not only themselves, but the whole of mankind. Championing the traditions of an age long past, those who serve under Ossus seek lost knowledge and forbidden arts; with hopes of heralding a new golden age, and standing forth as beacons of light in troubled times.”

The Council of Cardinals

The Council of Cardinals stands as the governing body of the Circle of Ossus, and maintains the authority to make executive decisions in all aspects regarding the interests of the Circle and its subsidiaries.

Cardinals are sworn in by the Grand Cardinal, or by unanimous vote of the Council. Once appointed, Cardinals can retain their position for life; or until they either step down, are forcibly removed on grounds of treason, or the Circle falls; which has not happened since its inception millennia ago. The Council can hold anywhere from five to twelve Cardinals at any given moment, including the Grand Cardinal.

One notable subsidiary were the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Weishaupt served as Grand Cardinal for the Circle of Ossus and he used the Illuminati as cover up for rebuilding the Circle to its former glory after the defeat in the Americas, by attracting Europe's elite into the fold and using their wealth.
For his first act as Grand Cardinal, Weishaupt ordered the construction of the Havana Ossuary to secure a better foothold for the Circle in the New World.

Adam Weishaupt

The Boneguard

Militarily the Circle of Ossus can rely on the forces commanded by their Cardinals and members all over the world. Their unparalleled knowledge of science and alchemy allows them to outfit their men with equipment superior to any other in the world, with artillery a thousand times as powerful as the standard nine-pounders of the day. In addition, the Circle is able to create mysterious white colored animals with superior strength and abilities, that charge completely fearless into enemy lines.

The Circle also commands an elite corps of troops known as the Boneguard. The Boneguard are a unit in personal service to the Council of Cardinals, operating on the orders of the Council or Grand Cardinal.

Boneguards are masters of sword and gunpowder, knowledgeable in all military tactics and chosen from the top ranks of commandeered armies, and as such, Boneguards usually find themselves outside and above the regular chain of command. The Captain of the Boneguard is chosen by the Grand Cardinal from among the current members of the corps.

The Boneguard and other members of the Circle are known to often communicate in ancient and dead languages as to not divulge sensitive information to those that serve them and for other, more mystical reasons.

circle2 1

The Fountain of Youth

“... and so I stand before it, that which so many have failed to find. The Circle's archives tell of the death of the titan mother Gaia, and at her resting place, a temple built by the Atlanteans. Hidden and guarded by the Moon. The waters blessed with the gift of life. The Fountain of Youth. Tomorrow I will finally taste its waters and start my ascension; our will has only one resolve. But the knights are starting to get suspicious. Those savages have poisoned words. Morgan must be dealt with before he does something foolish.”

- Alain Magnan, days before his death

AoM Fountain AoE3 Fountain

Although the Fountain of Youth has been the Circle's focus for more than 300 years in the New World, the order has been engaged in other various ventures all around the globe during this period, searching for mysterious artifacts, unlocking forgotten knowledge and seeking to achieve god-like ascension through any means deemed necessary.

Many have opposed the Circle over the centuries but none have managed to deter the order from their ambitions. The Black family and their allies have put a hold on the Circle's plans on several occasions, however the Circle of Ossus has yet to reveal their full power and influence...


Oho! Why not? I actually really like the design of the Boneguard. Thanks for the new content!

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This is awesome, looking forward to more Circle highlights!

Edit: Wiki links are extremely sexy

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So what power does the boneguard really have compared to the rest of the world?

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