Imperial Splendour attempts to create the best Empire: Total War experience possible without destroying the essence of the game, with an eye towards expanding and enriching the experience, while adding to the game's realism whenever possible. IS 2.2.1b focus on Britain and France, adding two periods so as to allow an evolution of the uniforms. IS made also a large rework on the visual and sound aspect so as to make ETW as enjoyable as last TW games. The CAI and BAI are totally reviewed, the Great Campaign is now really more challenging, and it will be difficult for you to impose to the World your imperial splendour.

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Great mod

Perfect, this mod is just perfect!

It makes such justice to the 1700's era!

They still didn't do Spain as one of the main playable factions but they did Hannover and Saxony. Not much to add to this.
The UI is hideous, using black color text over red backgrounds for money and current year, the nightmare of any graphic designer. Naval battles are way too slow paced, big ships seem to be stopped even when sailing favour to the wind.

Very good mod but I dislike extremely low musket accuracy. If muskets were so terrible why switching from pikemen, swordsmen, whatever?

Great Mod with a Great Developing team

Smaller time frame, much more attention to detail. Great mod!

great mod. keeping etw alive in 2022!


Good Mod

The best naval experience in total war history