Imperial Splendour attempts to create the best Empire: Total War experience possible without destroying the essence of the game, with an eye towards expanding and enriching the experience, while adding to the game's realism whenever possible. IS 2.2.1b focus on Britain and France, adding two periods so as to allow an evolution of the uniforms. IS made also a large rework on the visual and sound aspect so as to make ETW as enjoyable as last TW games. The CAI and BAI are totally reviewed, the Great Campaign is now really more challenging, and it will be difficult for you to impose to the World your imperial splendour.

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Great mod


Perfect, this mod is just perfect!

It makes such justice to the 1700's era!


Smaller time frame, much more attention to detail. Great mod!

great mod. keeping etw alive in 2022!




Good Mod

The best naval experience in total war history


Works Great so far with few Bugging issues; Imperial Splendour Rise of the Repubic 10th Beta Anniversary, Hopefully Fixed in final releases.

I also would like to thank the Imperial Splendour Team for their hardwork and passion for an old game, and i appreciate Quintus Hortensius Hortalus Community helpfulness throughout the Comments.

and Thanks Moddb for Hospitality Hostings!

Technical Notes/ for the "person-kind" low complaints Reviews about Java & Steam;

• Install Java as indicated by the launcher Website link; even if you have java already installed and then back to the installed installer click on it and it will move all the extracted Files automatically, incase the program refused to open up in windows 10, right click on it for compatibility option and then restart pc and try again, it works!! Otherwise be kind and install it "Manually".

• If you own a non steam version Legally from the "poors-Bay", install steam and press steam option for offline use, afterwards use ETW normally as if it was switched to Imperial Splendor.

• BAI is reworked yes but the leader cavalrymen attacks sometimes, this reminds me of medieval TW, and there is nothing you can do about it as it is by design within the creative assembly, and to be honest a decade after its release and i personally still do the same final charge with my own generals, it is historical but risky, usually with kings or heroes but never greedy loyal subjects, best examples king charles of sweden and lord horatio nelson, and they both ended as heroes.

Best wishes in modding!!


Breathes new life into E:TW. Fantastic uniform work and France in particular - with its revolution mechanic - feels particularly unique.

Mod seemed cool was anxious and excited to download and play it, and then i see you MUST have JAVA installed. i didnt, so i tried to install it and no ******* way. Im rating this 1