Imperial Reign is a Star Wars total conversion to the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes and its expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. Set in the Star Wars universe, Imperial Reign is about the Imperial occupancy of the Outer Rim worlds (i.e. Tatooine, Lok, Rori, etc) and the constant war as the Rebels fight to liberate the galaxy of tyranny. This conversion aims to bring a type of grittiness and intensity never before seen in a Star Wars game or mod. Company of Heroes engine is suited perfectly for this and serious Star Wars and RTS fans alike will undoubtedly have a blast.

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E-11s Sniper Rifle
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I beg of you to rename this weapon to what it is - a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle. I used to mod SWBF/SWBF II with an extreme obsession with making everything as canon as possible (formerly known as Majin Revan, in case you ever played any of my maps). LucasArts thought it'd be fine to make up random weapons that look identical to other weapons, and to re-purpose soldiers and vehicles to their liking (starfighters with machine guns, TIE Fighters with proton torpedoes, etc.).

This is the page on Wookieepedia regarding this supposed "E-11s:"

And here is the real weapon, with the same appearance but CORRECT name:

The above was used for long-range purposes as well. This mod is looking downright phenomenal, and I'd love for it to be very canon, of course (me being a canon junkie). I got so obsessed with the canon-ness of everything (especially for the maps I made) to the point that I memorized clip counts and all. Yes, that obsessed. But I knew my stuff.


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Zeridian Author

As much as I would like to deny the game's validity, TFU made this weapon canon seperate from the DLT-19. Even then, there are some significant differences in the weapons that make them believable as seperate common armaments.

Also note: Lucas and co. during the movies, made many of the weapons based off of real WW2 german MG's and that idea carried over in tradition to many future additions to canon.

I already started making the DLT-19 so I'd hate to just throw away the work. I will try to make them as unique as possible though, you can be assured of that.

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"The E-11s sniper rifle was a heavily modified version of the E-11 Blaster Rifle, which was the standard issue weapon for the Empire's Scout troopers. The E-11s had a high-powered scope, allowing it to be used as a sniper weapon. In exchange for long-range power, however, the E-11s could only fire 6 shots before recharging. Also it was a very effective rifle as it could withstand any kind of weather and seldom jammed. It could shoot about 3 miles."

Modeler - Zeridian

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