Illhaven Harbor was originally created for the opening level in “Rise of the Phoenix”, a TC from Fantasy Quake […]; it was later revised into a winter setting and became Illhaven Winter. The opening level in Heretic II, “Silverspring Docks”, was inspired by and modelled after Illhaven Harbor. The Unreal version of Illhaven (and Illhaven II) was recently declared by PC Gamer, in their publication, Online Arena, as the Winning single play map in the Unreal category.

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The level series of Illhaven was a great play for me for many of weeks on unreal, even suggested it to friends that I hung out with on Unreal. Where other level sets simply let you down this one made me quite happy and pleased, the design was perfect throughout the levels giving many ways to approach the mission and some surprises as well. I must say it's one of the few missions that I highly enjoyed.

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