This is the official Westeros Project revival mod, the original owner gave me and a few others rights to The Westeros Project and I intend to see this mod continued for "What is dead may never die" . Everything showcased here is an open source.

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Development of the Mod is continuing! and the vision has changed!

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Hello, I'm the purple hyena.
I want to explain to every one what is going on so far.
The Westeros project was supposed to be all of Westeros. I think by now every one understands that it's almost impossible to do this , especially that TES6 might come out in the next two years.
So considering 2 years as a deadline to finish this mod.
the vision has changed.
instead the Team intends on making The North (from the Neck"the twins" till the wall) fully landscaped and with cities.
What is the plan.
Phase one
1. Create Castle outlines of the different cities in the north , ( The Twins, castle black , winterfell , white harbor ... etc)
2. seal the south (after the twins with terrian, castle (seagard) and maybe even a Kings road gate.
3. landscape the different areas starting from the south
4.while landscaping i'll add a few secret caves , here and there...
5.after we finish landscaping I will navmesh all the land.
6. creating an Alpha Mod that begins in the north and release it
With that phase one would be over!
I estimate to finish phase one by end of 2016. of course updates will be put online
Phase two.
1. again starting from south to north , begin with The Twins , seagard, and go up the river and do every city one by one.
to make this quickly i will try to get as much mods from other users and add them here to to make life easier and faster
2. putting an NPC on the Kings road gate(made in phase one) that would take you to the major cities of the south. so in theory if you want to go to kingslanding you would go to the kings road and they will take you there. again the cities here hopefully i can acquire them from other modders that already made changes to skyrim vanila cities and made them look awesome! we would do some small changes but it should go well
3. package mode and release Beta Mod
Phase three.
1. Fill the Game with A song of Ice and fire Items and stuff ( this could be done rather fast sicne SO MUCH mods are out there and it might be even already done in phase 1 )
2. create the valyrian sword Quest ( it's a quest to make a valyrian sword for your House , more details on that will be released after phase 1 is done
3.some game play tweaks to make the mod Lore Friendly
4. package and release. Full version
Now as you may have noticed there will be basically only 1 quest . initially.
but that is done on purpose. i will consider the Mod finished with that Quest and will not work on further quests, i will only work on patching and fixing any problems with the Mod to make sure that it's not broken and it works great!
Why no more quests . Because we are making a Sandbox.
Basically the final version of the Mod will be yours to make new mods for ,
for instance people will be able to make quest mods for "shadows of Winter"
think of Shadows of Winter as a Vanilla game , that the community will make bigger and bigger! all the hard work will be done by then !

So what then?
well as i said earlier i want to finish this mod within two years , reason is TES6 and it's modding kit.
when Tes6 is out , I will slowly start stopping support to the Mod and begin the Westeros project on TES6
I'm hopping that this Mod (shadows of Winter) will give people faith in us to make the Ultimate Game of Thrones mod on TES6 and hopefully we get support
So Lets get started!!!!!!


Brilliant! Wish you a lot of luck! :) I will be the first one playing it!

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