Advanced mod: Revived is a Home World 2 modification that specializes in taking the 2 existing races and expanding upon them. The idea, is to add in multiple different new ships, re-arm every ship in the game, and specialize each ship with a blended, but still clear role. By giving the player more options, and doing it in a professionalized manner the mod "advances" the gameplay of Homeworld 2 into something different, something more fun, and yet still tactically fulfilling.

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A very good mod. Good job

i love this mod!!


I have not found a single mod yet that has both worked with v.1.0 of the game AND is less than 100 mb better than yours, nice work. This mod gets a 10 with me because it takes what I hate about the game and solves almost every single problem. The other problems I won't blame you for. I hope good things come of this mod!


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Nice work!


I give it a 9! Only because it's an addition rather than a total overhaul for all the ships.... but that said, this mod is at least as good if not better than any other mod I've played for HW2!
other thoughts,....Some mods tax my computer for no reason and get really choppy. I've had some massive space battles and this mod runs smooth :)


Beefs and buffs, but not like complex(can be a good thing), every addition being agreeable with.

Very enjoyable experience through out both game type modes. Yes, that's right you are able to play through the story line missions and of course good old death match. New turrets are a nice addition and as well as ship models from the HW2 mod community. Game play was solid similar to vanilla HW2. Only one real issue I had was some turrets seem to be floating just above the certain ships. Over all a solid mod.
Thanks for your time spent crafting a great experience.

Well so far the mod looks well done and it is fun to play, I just feel like somethings could be a little bit better, so I give this a 9/10.


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