This mod provides a refreshing PvP experience, as well as many new battle mechanisms to make PVE also enjoyable. The battle pace is a bit faster and data of many units are adjusted to match the new mechanism.

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The New World Overview The New World, a Mod of Red Alert 3.Lead developer KiritsuguQi, sincerely present. This mod provides a refreshing PvP experience. For PvE, the new battle mechanism is also enjoyable. The battle pace is a bit faster, and data of many units are adjusted to match the new mechanism.

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The New World


The New World, a Mod of Red Alert 3.

Lead developer KiritsuguQi, sincerely present.

This mod provides a refreshing PvP experience. For PvE, the new battle mechanism is also enjoyable. The battle pace is a bit faster, and data of many units are adjusted to match the new mechanism.

To be noticed, SDK World Builder is available on the Files page and the links at the end of this article.

The New World


  • Power consumption and management

Except for infantries and several kinds of vehicles, all units add a bit to electricity consumption.

Power plants are now increased in output and reduced in cost and time to build, leaving more margin for power management.

You may also turn on or off the power supply of an individual structure to achieve more accurate power management. (Yes. Just like what you used to do in Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars/ Kane’s Wrath, we recreate it in RA3!)


Power ON/OFF icon on the left side of the screen

  • Data Adjustment

Data are adjusted to match the new mechanism.

We take the relation between infantry, vehicle, and aircraft in CNC3 as references and put in some new ideas.

Infantries: Cheap, low HP, low mobility, relatively high DPS/cost ratio.

T2 Tanks: Main force, high HP, high damage.

T3 Tanks: Each has unique features, generally good at anti-infantry and anti-structure.

Towers: Key of base defense. Also, play an important role in the offense. All three factions are capable of tower rush.

Helicopters and Boobers: Damage to tanks greatly increased

  • Maps

Inbuilt maps customized for The New World. Currently, there are two types of them.

Maps prefixed by [TNW]: Normal maps play in the way you familiar with.

Maps prefixed by [TNW D2]: Point-capturing Integral maps. You will need to capture more laboratories that lose points, you will win when your score is 0. Or destroy your enemy to win.

Maps prefixed by [TNW]Tutorial: It’s a Tutorial about the MOD.

Maps prefixed by [TNWTD]: It`s a 6V1 defense map. We need defense in the world.

  • Naval Battle

Torpedo now only able to go straight, more difficult to hit high mobility units.

Submarines stealth underwater, needed scout units to detect.

Vessels take time to accelerate, decelerate and turn, so don't give moving commands too frequently.

Vessels will no longer run aground.

More new changes coming soon.

3 1

  • Top Secret Protocols

Top Secret Protocols of different factions now unlock in their unique orders.

(Indicated by the arrows.)

There are also special rules to prevent a faction from breaking the game balance by gaining that powerful Lv4 and Lv5 protocols much faster than the others.


The following protocols now apply to all friendly units (yours and your teammates’)


  • Epic Units

Each faction has an Epic Unit, constructed in a specific way matching its faction feature.

Designing and building new models take lots of work.

Temporarily we are using the models of Storm Tank, Kodiak (Command and Conquer 4), and Giga Fortress (Red Alert 3: Uprising).


  • Game Theory

Learning a bit of game theory may help to play this game.

Players can build a VIP fort which provides three different types of upgrade. When you have completed an upgrade, the same type of upgrade of your enemies’ will be undone.

For example, when you completed the armor upgrade if your enemy already has the same upgrade, then this upgrade effect will be removed from your enemy’s army.

The tech structure of all factions can call for a satellite strike. Correspondingly, the VIP fort can temporarily disable the satellite weapon of your enemies’.

The countdown and aiming mark of the satellite weapon can only be seen by friendly forces but will be exposed in a power outage.

The satellite aiming mark cannot give you extra vision. There is a line reaching to it from your tech structure so that you will not lose track when it is in the fog of war.



  • Red Alert


In a single battle, if the value of all the units and structures you have lost adds up to more than 50000, the Final Mobilization button will be unlocked.

By clicking on it, you will be instantly funded by 10000 and your production rate will be 1.5 times.

However, in this state, you will no longer be able to build any collector or structures except defense towers.

  • Special Upgrade

You have Unit-Upgrade and Top-secret Protocols Upgrade. You can choose only one

Unit-Upgrade: Change your unit it will be strong

Top-secret Protocols Upgrade: Change your Top-secret Protocols.


Left: Top-secret Protocols Upgrade

Right: Unit Upgrade

  • AI

Now there are 7 AI commanders for each faction.

Except for the 3 original AI commanders, there are 3 advanced The New World commanders and a Boss AI.

The advanced AI commanders each correspond to one of the original AI, but more clever, capable to use more complex tactics, and have higher income rates.

Easy AI: No extra income.

Medium AI: 1.5 times income.

Hard AI: 2 times income.

Brutal AI: 2.5 times income.

The BOSS AI is even stronger, has its special support powers, and can construct special units.

BOSS AI Warning:

  1. The Spawn point cannot be near the boundary of the map.
  2. BOSS AI’s base has enough ground area.
  3. Conflict some official map or fan-make map.
  • Eastern Eggs and Campaign

There are also hidden easter eggs in Map. Try to find them :D

  • Amphibious Buildings

Barracks and war-factory can now be built on water and train amphibious units, allowing various new tactics. 9

  • Neutral Structures

  1. 152 116
    Special Ability: Build Maintenance Vehicle
    Need cost:500 Ambulance Need cost:500
    The Vehicle or ship has three repairs done. Ambulances can restore the health of infantry within the range. Ambulances can garrison infantry and shoot outside. They can also be robbed by the enemy.
  2. 1 1
    Special Ability: Directional Blasting
    Need cost:600
    The power and range of the explosion will be 2.5 times the original. There will be three seconds of warning time and fx before the explosion, and the oil well will be reborn after the explosion.
  3. 1718
    Special Ability: High Power Radar
    Need cost:1000
    Clear the battlefield fog of the whole map 10 sec, and mark all hostile units and submarines that can camouflage or actively stealth for up to 20 seconds, during which they cannot camouflage or stealth.
  • Treasure Boxes

10 1

You can’t build anything without a wall if you choose the mode

There will be more boxes than that in the original game. Inside those boxes, there could be some special test units (semi-finished units) or units from other mods.

In treasure box mode, to win the game, you will need to destroy not only all the buildings of your enemies but also the units they got from treasure boxes.

  • Map Objects

Map objects are now not just decorations.

Dense vegetation now provides ambush effects. Infantry hiding in the grass, bushes, and trees become invisible to the enemy and gain buffs in damage and shooting range.

Civilian cars and boats are now capable to carry infantry.

11 1

  • Concession

At the beginning of a game, on the left side of the screen, there are options for concession. (They will disappear in 5 seconds so make your decision quick.)

By choosing a number, the HP of all your units and structures will be reduced by that percentage. The last button is to ban your enemy superweapon.

(Another mechanism inspired by CNC3.)

You may challenge yourself in PvE with concession, or try to balance players from different levels when playing PvP.


  • Wonders

Can’t build wonders again when it has been destroyed.


  • Left: Small Wonders

Cost: 5000

Build time: 120s


Unit and structure: Health, Damage, View +10%

Unit: Exp+150%, Special ability CD -10%, and can't be suppressed and shaken away

Structure: Production +10%

  • Right: Biggest Wonders

Cost: 10000

Build time: 180s

Special ability: Win of the game

Special ability need time: 600s and cost: 2500


  • Music Player

There is a hidden music player.

If your player ID is GrievousLady and successfully trained a heroic infantry unit in battle, your MCV will be unable to construct any building and simply becomes a music player. There are 45 songs of my selection. Go to Setting, turn the music volume to a minimum then please enjoy.

(Your units also gain mystical buffs.)

This mod may not be good enough. But I will keep learning and advancing.

Thank you for reading and playing.

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  • Downloads

SDK World code: ruy0

The New World download:
RAT community:

Baidu Net disk: Code: 97l8


QQ Group: 299420109

  • Special thanks to

0010: Basic AI template

牧星: Kodiak model

114, FlameHeart, Suvzi: Technical guidance

未命名: Campaign guidance

BHLS.Nevesis: Nano-swarm protocol icon, Nano-swarm hive icon, Redemption protocol icon, Voice of Emperor protocol icon, Experimental Nanocore protocol icon

苍穹: EVA invasion protocol icon, Chrono Expansion protocol icon

CZ: Allies Fortified Fleet Upgrade coating, Soviet and Empire air force Advance Aeronautics Upgrade coating

菠萝咕了: Kodiak Allies coating, ACV naval coating, natural car, Tengo Fighter Model Fix, Model teaching

黑衣剑士: Kodiak icon

苯环: Mod introduction courses

矛: Model reference, SDK teaching

TelsaAngel: Drone Platform model, Allies support helicopter mapping

682: French helicopter skill icon

PDZ: Empire construction animation

Ru,pxyf,不溶于酸的化学课代表: Document Translation

GDI:Allied BossAI’s Audio

暗黑折磨:Navy Move FX

RPALDM: Soviet Epic Unit Model

  • References and Source Materials

Insurrection1.73 source code

Shine6.0 source code

帝国之怒 source code

SuperAI source code

War of Power source code

Empire faction color Shader



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