The Hotline U.A.C (Unlawful and Anarchic Control) is a Hotline Miami themed for DOOM, the story tells about an lady who wants to avenge her cop father, "Elliot Dennis McModua". After lose her familly, Diane "Elliot" McModua openned the company with Rachel "Rick" Williams, Micheal "Fedora" Raysen and Marcus "Tony" Carlson for fight against the crime and for the justice. Diane, as a former member of the 50 Blessings, doesn't know that the organisation is about to hunt her and her employes while she's hunting russians mobsters...

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Why there's no news in this mod? Let's me explain why it's a bit dormant...

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Hello fellas, time flies because of school, so with all those homework I'm eating which i find it neat, I sometimes forget that I've got this project in devellopement, same since I'm working in a 2D indie game that you will find out soon.

The project isn't dead, my priority in this mod is to work on the official campain, so I will change the name of this mod after the full release of the official campain, so does the gameplay mod.

After the mapping, it's like, it's done but it's not really over because I've planned to make sprites by myself in this project, same for the textures of the official campain. The map is a short thing according myself but the most long is about working on graphism which I'll need to find several references from movies and video games.

The odd thing when I worked on the core just for make better organisation, I mean the fact that I've sorted stuffs, I realised too late that I've skipped the beta20 but the beta21.

Anyway, I can't tell you when it will be released, not because I can't promise everything but due of lack of time, I have to manage well my time for working when I get enough free time!

The beta 21 is released for the while, take it and enjoy it... Ah, I almost forgot, Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen!


-Fixed bugs in the magnum

-Players can throw weapons when the ammo is at 0

-In the gameplay mod, you face now to colored thugs with variety of weapon they wear

-Thugs sprites matches with weapons they use exept for magnum and silent

-Best organisation, I've sorted thugs each color, useful for mappers!

-You can't stun ennemies for unknown reason (even I, I don't know why), so I added (+FORCEPAIN) in the fists, it works with Zandronum well!

To do :

-Fix more bug if you ever found out!

-Tutorial Map for people who doesn't know how to play this mod

-More sprites for death sequences on baddies

-Find out how to put combo system

-New UI/HUD (if you like the old, i'll seperate as optional)

To do in priority:

-Editing sprites (those may the most important before the official version 1 of the gameplay mod)

-Working on the official campain : Number of the Beast

To do maybe:

-Add more gun based on the original games


-Thick skin DOOM GUY?

-Set K.O big demons before execute them? (when you play as Tony or with the berserk pack)

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