You awake to find yourself looking down at a pool of your own blood, a small crusher on the side along with a rusty dagger and a pair of tongs. Though looking down at your own body you find no damage to your body, so where did all the blood come from? You shake your head and simply think "It must be someone Else's" as you stand, looking towards the door as you plan to leave.

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Pretty simple CS. Easy simple puzzles, monsters simply appear. Little effort to think of at least a petty original idea.

Amazing....But What About Chapter 3?


not bad if you like custom stories with copy and pasted level design, repeated scares, limited story and no logical puzzles what so ever just open a door to open another to go back through the first one. sorry to be harsh but this custom story was brutally boring whoever rated this higher than a 4 has not had much experience with amnesia at all. Just my opinion

A really fun and interesting custom story that i could not stop playing.
I love how the path forward is not always what it seems to be. Also, there are a good amount of monster encounters, not too much and not too little. Thanks for a unique custom story and also for continuing it, i am going to play all of the chapters.


great work!


I really enjoyed this custom story mainly because of the pacing and the interesting maze like rooms you encounter.

If I was to give you any advice it would be to fix a few texture problems because as I was walking down one of the corridors I could see the back of a painting that was in the next room.

But apart from a few texture problems and the fact I found some areas to be incredibly dark (I had to wait for a very long time for my vision to regain a little) I had a good few frights in this one.

Locked doors like everywhere......some lack of music, the level designs need a lot more work.
And that cellar is like a freaking maze


Very intense, quick paced, lots of jumpscares and LOTS of monster appearances. Hope you have a change of pants nearby...


So far, damn good. The story is interesting and the scares are well thought out.

Part 1 - 10/10
Part 2 - 8/10 since I couldn't finish it :)
Cheers mate!

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