Can you imagine what HOMEWORLD2 would be like if it became an FPS game? Drive your own fighter, and do almost everything: flying, firing and shooting, launching missiles ant torpedos, dropping mines,just like FREELANCER......That's it, HOMEWORLD2 Free Mod will make it......

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This is a very interesting concept, and it is something not done before, it deserves a 10 just for that! :D


Incredible work!!!


i say a great idea



This mod has some amazing potential!


Unique gaming system & brand new game play experience, top-notch!

This mod certainly made the HISTORY!!!!


An idea never encountered before in HW universe. It is very likely to become the best innovative mod for HW2 ever made.


Homeworld series are one of the most epic games that i've played, i'm a huge fan of Homeworld 2 and even more of all of those mods that were shared in Moddb, and i have to say, that this one is one of the most peculiar and innovative ones, never expected to see to someone doing somethig so epic like this, that is why i give you a 10 and say thanks for this awesome mod!

Continue with the GW! =D

Watch this space!

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