Though well established on Higaara after 115 years, the Kushan are surrounded by far larger and older galactic nations, each striving against the next over grudges old and new. The Galactic Council has maintained relative peace for millennia, but will they be able to stop a war of unprecedented scale should the delicate balance of power break? In this tense atmosphere, Higaara launches the 15th Expeditionary fleet under a young commander to investigate inexplicable signals in uncharted territory... Previously titled HW:@, Homeworld Fulcrum is an alternate fan-sequel project, born of a dissatisfaction with Homeworld 2. Taking Homeworld 1 and Cataclysm as starting points it builds new art, gameplay, and story, discarding all but a few starting-point elements of Homeworld 2. For gameplay development purposes, some ships are currently represented by placeholder models. Homeworld Fulcrum is playable in skirmish, survival modes, and campaign, with development of all ongoing.

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