Simplex started as a branch from Complex. It has combined features from Path To Victory as well as many other mods through a long history of R&D. This mod aims to excavate the full potential of the Homeworld 2 engine and it will simply blow your mind with incredible fun!

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Many improvements have been made since the last version to bring HW2 even closer to the HWR quality!

Simplex 3.3

nice job dude!

i hope you can keep the content coming... love this mod very much.
and i always have a blast playing it.

still praying and hoping that you get a modeler someday soon though!!
soo you can push this mod further with new ships/stations/subsystems!

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this is still HW2 original yes? Any change for aHomeworld Remasted Release (including GoG)?

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siliconworm Jul 21 2016

Good question!

In fact, it's extremely hard to migrate this huge mod to HWR. I've already looked into it -- the codes and functions in HWR are all slightly different from HW2, meaning to adapt this mod to HWR will just be too time consuming and physically straining (for a single modder who cares about his eyesight). Plus, when HWR gets patched every now and then, even a working mod could have new compatibility issues, and that will require further continuing fixes by the modder... For this mod, I think it's just not worth it.

Currently, I don't see any problem basing this mod on the original HW2 engine. The things I can do with this old engine aren't that much different from HWR (except a few minor visual effects, perhaps) -- if I hit any intrinsic limitation here in the HW2 engine, chances are I'll most likely hit it in HWR as well. And to be honest, if this mod is transplanted to HWR, there could be even more handicaps than benefits. For example, with the current HW2 engine, I can make all kinds of map backgrounds pretty easily, but with HWR, it will be much more difficult to make even the simplest background because of the new bloom or depth of field effects or whatever...

If there's anyone who's interested, you can try to adapt this mod to HWR by yourself. Just be aware that the current UI of this mod might need to be completely discarded and redesigned.

For now, for anyone who loves this mod, you can just install an original HW2 anytime on your computer to play it. After all, the original HW2 itself is so much smaller than this mod, that you can even consider it as a patch of this mod!

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the other problem is he has no modeler or even a team to help him move the mod into homeworld remastered or even make new units for the game soo it would be pointless...

(it's a one man mod after all)

if he had a team of people who knew what they were doing and could help him out he could put this mod into homeworld remastered

even with new modules/ships/stations and even new functions and features.

but until someone sees that he needs the help none of this is going to happen...

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what we need to do as a community is spread the word that siliconworm
is looking for help!

that he needs talented modelers scripters or even texturers and more!

so that way he can move his mod into homeworld remastered and make it even bigger and better!

another good ideas is if siliconworm would post about it in his next update / image / news post.

soo that way we can post it around to get peoples attention...

unless siliconworm does not want us to and is slowly giving up?

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I was having problems running this on the Homeworld 2 classic version from steam, had to add "-nopbuffer" to my shortcut. was crashing on "atioglxx.dll" which is somthing to do with my ATI Graphics card drivers.

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siliconworm Author

that's useful information, thanks for you feedback, it will be added into the installation manual

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