Chosen One Many mods focus upon the gaming idea where there is one person against everyone else. Holywars is no different and uses the very same concept. Once the game begins, everyone is a Sinner. The main objective of a Sinner is to find the Halo that spawns after twenty seconds into the round. Once someone finds the Halo, they become a Saint. Unsaintly Saint This isn't a regular Saint. Rather, this Saint is a killer. Everyone is trying to kill this Saint while the Saint tries to survive and kill Sinners. Once the Sinners kill the Saint, the Halo will fall off the saint, ready to be picked up by someone else. Friendly fire is on, but if you kill a teammate too may times, you will turn into a Heretic. Once in this state, you can not shoot other Sinners and your only purpose is to get the Saint. Other people will kill Heretics for easy frags, so the only way to become a Sinner again is to kill the Saint and get the Halo.

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