Enhanced Shaders Ultimate 1.0 out now! Breathe new life into a classic! Greatly enhanced graphics for Half-Life Source using a custom ENBSeries configuration and palette texture! Check the screens and video... - Adaptive Bloom - Adaptive Depth of Field - SSAO - Screenspace ambient occlusion (ambient soft-shadowing) - Per-pixel lighting or Phong shading - Color correction

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Great! It works fine on GTX 1050's.

Well, work i liked it a lot of visual improvements.


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No lagg. No problems. Works great! 10/10


Took abit to get the balance right but it was ******* awesome once i did, great that you can turn it on and off, I suggest if you want the full effect, read what the effect's do and **** around for a couple of hour's.I hope someone does release a HD texture package with this that works well together because i tried it with the models and it dd not work, in fact i just liked the old game with this on.Thank you very much for your hard work.


This mod gives Half Life a much needed overhaul in shaders, including SSAO, Bloom, per-pixel lighting, and DoF. The game may look weird with good shaders on top of the default, outdated models/textures, but that's why they have linked some fantastic models for Half Life: Source in their description.



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