The modification continues the story of the Shooter and offers an alternative action strand. You can integrate Infiltration in the HL2-storyline but it does not start at a certain point in the known story. Complete brain control in form of an implanted chip - a direful weapon for the Combine. Nearly all human beeings in City 10 are subject already either to complete control or succumbed to the consequences of the radiation. The radiation is a product of the reactors, those secure the constant functionality of the chips. The last rebels are in a situation almost offering no prospects. Absolute control and the stop of the "normal" social life let a complete city collapse to itself. The craving for power and the control craze of the Combine are now exclusively directed...

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not a bad mod, very underrated but needs a little polishing


the overall game plot was good, some maps were great, while other ont so much. there are bugs in a few maps. I couldn't finish the game.

if you finish you can put 10

Concept was good, implementation was horrible. doors rotate sideways instead of the hinges, some doors wouldn't even be in the door frame, but floating outside the building, and the mod keeps glitching after a cut-scene and it wont let me move or shoot. Needs a lot of work.


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One evening I wanted to play some Half-life 2 mods, because I've played many of them, I don't know what to do, but go on moddb and search one. This one was Half-life 2 Infiltration.

At first I thought this is good one, but while playing it was becoming more and more awful. Locations are realy strange, sometimes they designed normal, sometimes they are illogical or simply awful. This mod have nothing similar with fun. There are unworking scripts, and obviously unfinished and untested maps. Last levels remain only headache and pain.

Yes, there are new music and comics, but they don't save the mod. Cutscenes buggy, so sometimes camera just stuks.

This mod isn't fun, it's simply bad. I'am waste 3 hours of my life on this so if you are going to play Infiltration, don't do that!

Having watched this mod from the beginning, even before I got an account on MODDB, I was extremely disappointed by the final mod.

It's like it wasn't even beta tested, almost all of the levels are littered with obvious bugs.

It's a shame too, because if more care was taken into making Infiltration, it could have been a classic :(


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