Another chapter of Gordon Freeman's life. Now he must escape from city 17 to save his life, cooperating with rebels and other persons. Warning: Source SDK 2013 Base Singleplayer is necessary to run the mod!

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Biohazardoz says

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Creating maps for Doom, a little different from the creation of maps for HL2, in the first stage of ditalization. In the Doom first, the corridors, and this is normal for him. The game of 1997, but it has been almost 7 years since the release of HL2, and the detailing and the development of scenes has become better. And + 13 years have passed. And the details became even higher. But it is clear that it is not for everyone to do fashion alone, with incredible detail. And yes, make the corridors faster, and so on. In general, I do not see much terror here. But then there is the gameplay, the level of the same DOOM. In general, you can play. But this is of course not a masterpiece at all, but in general there is much room for movement.


Fast_Train says

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