Bored of playing campaign and playing online with noobs? Here is solution for ya!! H.I.V.E Mode is an Horde variation game mode, no more mindless shooting to Grunts and Wretches, now you have to defend strategic points, protect VIPs and assasin locust commanders and many more, of course it will be senseless without swarm of angry and bloodthirsty locust :)

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This article will tell you what will bring upcoming update of H.I.V.E Mode, as some things will change and some things will be added. So be patient as this list will be updated with every certain thing that will appear on update.

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Changes provided in next update:

1. Overall Gameplay:


New fortifications system similar to GoW 3 Horde 2.0, but with some twist:

  • Player can decide where to put fortification;
  • Player can repair, level up and upgrade some stats of fortification;
  • Fortifications have 3 main stats - health, armor and damage;
  • every stat is increased when player level up fortification(so far its counted 1.2*currentvalue per level);
  • Health and Armor can be upgrades seperately - by buying upgrade(health upgrade counts 150+current value, armor=current value + 5);
  • Player can buy 5 upgrades for one fortification(so or 5 healt upgrades or 5 armor upgrades or as you like 3-healts and 2-armors);
  • Repair costs is 1/2 of missing healt (so if fortification has 500 healt player pays for 250 for full repair - if fortification has max 500 healt and currently has 350 so repair cost=(500-350)/2 );
  • Fortification repairs, levelup and upgrades can be bought at any time(even while in battle);
  • Fortification can be bought before wave;
  • Time between wave and new wave will be slightly longer than current to give player time to buy fortifications;


  • Fixed Killing Messages - now names dont disappear to quick - now AIControllers is Destroyed after 8 seconds from killing pawn;
  • Wave Complete Condition checking has been changed due to changing Time after destroying AI and also it will fix the rare bug with endless wave ;
  • Player Has 1500 cash on starting map ;
  • Change Related to regular infrantry locust: Enemies are more agressive - they charge on you more often
  • Change Related to regular infrantry locust: Last Locust will charge on player no matter what
  • Chainsaw Duels Will be avaible with next update - to happen both pawns need to hold Lancer MK2 and just smash melee button to win duel
  • Also Chainsaw Duels Can be performed between bots - result of duel is random

2. Weapons:

New Weapons Added:

  • Scorcher;
  • Digger;
  • Ink Grenade;
  • Flail (Mauler only);
  • Shield (Mauler Only);

Lancer MK2 Changes:

  • There is a small chance that you can hit a headshot;
  • Chainsaw duels will be avaible with this weapon

No more changes to current weapons planned, also no new weapons planned at the moment of creating this list.

3. Characters:

New Locust Characters Added:

  • Mauler;
  • Flame Boomer;
  • Flame Grenadier;
  • Nemacyst;
  • Skorge;

Changes to Locust Characters:

  • Changed default Inventory for Kantus: Gorgon Pistol, Ink Grenade;
  • Kantus wull be able to heal locust between given radius(like GoW 2 and 3);
  • Kantus can Cringe players if they approach too close;
  • Bloodmount will throw his helmet out if it recieve some damage to head;
  • Armored Kantus Will be able to roll if player is in radius and if is a fire target;
  • Kantus and Armored Kantus will be scaled up (normal version has scale set to 1.166 of model size and Objective version is 1.3336 scale from model version) ;

New Playable COG Characters:

  • Valera;
  • Barrick;
  • Alex Brand
  • Sofia Hendriks
  • Onyx Guard Female

Changes To COG Characters:

  • Valera will now use her Voiceovers, not Anya's;

New Lambent Characters:

  • Polyp
  • Dark Wretch
  • Dark Drone
  • Drudge(with ability to mutate)
  • Lambent Male
  • Lambent Female
  • Gunker

Additional info:

  • Drudge while mutating is regenerating some health so it can be tough enemy, also it mutates one time;
  • Some of Mutations of Drudge can allow him to spawn Polyps;
  • All Lambent Explodes while dying;
  • Lambent will Appear at wave 15 ;
  • Gunker Can knock you back, Can swing at you with his cleave and shoot gunk at you

4. Fortifications

Fortifications Added:

  • Barricade (4 levels, Slows down enemies, deals damage to enemies when touched, take damage when touched or if hit by explosions);
  • Decoy (4 levels, Attracts attention of enemies, on higher level explodes when destroyed, take damage from melee attacks, weapons and explosion;
  • Sentry(3 Levels, Shoots closest enemy)

Fortifications planned:

  • Turret;

5. Wave Objectives

New Objectives:

  • Nemacyst Rain: Survive nemacyst attack - spawns groups/10 seconds. If you die, objective is lost (penalites for not scoring objective is counting so you can also need to restart wave). Stay alive for needed Time to get the price.

Hi Jack changes:

  • Radius to check for Command Center is set higher to detect target approach and complete objective;
  • Clock is showed up when Jack reaches Command center;

Assasination changes:

  • Kantus and Armored Kantus is resized (see Character changes);

Boss Changes:

  • New Boss: Skorge;

Some Objective planned but it will be announced later.

6. Maps

New Maps:

  • Strife;
  • Forsaken Dreams;
  • Ravens Nest;
  • Sanctum

New Maps are planned, additionally I would like to see some ports made by other modders for community.

Important note: Still you'll be able to play on old maps without downloading them again;

If I made some more updates and stuff, I'll add this info here.

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