Bored of playing campaign and playing online with noobs? Here is solution for ya!! H.I.V.E Mode is an Horde variation game mode, no more mindless shooting to Grunts and Wretches, now you have to defend strategic points, protect VIPs and assasin locust commanders and many more, of course it will be senseless without swarm of angry and bloodthirsty locust :)

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This Feature provides detailed info about Assasination Wave Type mechanics - part of H.I.V.E Mode. Here is the place where you can get info about that wave. All information contained herein are subject to change.

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The main goal for player in this wave type is to kill enemy leader. But after takig orders from command post, player is attacked by small recon group. Game draws one of four spawning place for them, then spawns them. After player defeat scouts, he has five seconds to prepare for a proper fight.

Game again spawns main group in one of four random places and player is attacked by much bigger than last, group. To Kill Leader player has tu make a curb stomp on leader. If player kills all locust before killing Leader, game spawns them again, if the leader is killed before the rest of locust, game informs player about achievig his goal and player have to kill rest of locust to Complete Wave.

The difficulty of waves is divided into 5 parts, every 5th wave difficulty level is chaged into higher level. That means after every 5th wave, player have to kill diffirent leader and game spawns stronger sets of locust. Chance to Draw this wave type is 16,(6)%.

Here is a Concept Video:

If you have an ideas or want to share your opinion, go to forum of this mod to: for share opinion For share your ideas for Assasination.


I don't ahve Gears anymore , I would have gotten this mod :)

Can you do everything with kismet in unreal ? I mean no programming at all ?

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bmbr1990 Author

Gears doesm't support programming at all, so the only way to make mods is kismet, but not everything is possible with it...

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