Expanded content and enhanced gameplay for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. Compatible with Mac and Windows.

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Cadel_Brytenwalda says

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Would've given it a 10/10 if it were not for the atrocious loading times and the missing content.
All in all I will join this ************* Hype train so hard. This mod is epic. If you want a real world experience while playing any CIV game this mod is needed period.
EDIT: Halfway through my first game and Im a Dutch Viking Kingdom Raiding my neighbor Spain and conquering everything east of MY river. Would Nominate this guy to work on the Civilization VI team.


conservativepip says

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History Rewritten is a Civilization IV Beyond The Sword mod (I purchased Civilization IV on Steam on 4/2/2016 and it's expansions such as BTS, Warlords, and Colonization). The mod adds a ton of new Civilizations each with 2 Unique Units, 1 Unique Building, and a Unique Wonder. Existing civilizations also get new leaders with working leaderheads. Civilizations added for example are: Viet (Vietnam), Javans, Khmer, Thai, Tibetians, Nubians, Mississippians, Polynesia with new leaders for both the new civs and existing ones. New national and world wonders. New civics. New traits. Prophet founded religions with tenets to customize your religion and new religions such as the beliefs of Greek Mythology and Ancient Egyptian Religion. Real-world corporations. New units and technologies (it's not as sci-fi orieted as Rise of Mankind A New Kind or Caveman to Cosmos).

Full review can be seen on DeviantArt under the name ConservativePip


Loffas says

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Good mod!
+++ Religion system. Where you as a creator choose how your religon should be.
++ Civics, A vrely good and not to complicated system.
+ Grafics, resources, technology, general game play.
- Creating a map the loading time is long, you might think the game crashed. Basicly the same units as in vanilla. same diplomacy, same trade
--Barbarians don´t attack AI and they are to powerfull even on prince.
??Don´t know about infaltion, haven´t got to that yet :)

I do recommend this mod. I´ve played C2C, Realism invictus and others. This one is good and if you like these types you should definetly try it.


Darklord42 says

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Amazing additions to the game, very well done, and feel natural to the game. The wife is loving it!


a1exej says

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Best and most polished mod ever played with great support and frequent updates from creator. Every civ has unique great looking units totally different than other civs which is really important to me :) Despite mod innovations and improvements stable in multiplayer. Every bug reported is being hunted and eliminated. Great work! Long live History Rewritten


topguncole12 says

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