Heritage of Hussaria mod is a Single-player mod for MB With Fire and Sword. This mod offers some game improovements such as tons of new mercenaries (like mercenary hussars, hungarian veterans, western troopers, etc ) AND tons of new iems - hats, unifroms, sabres etc Items: ivanhoe95 - modding Mr.Csatadi - some new items The Deluge group - some more new items The With fire and sword (for Warband) gruop - the remaining new items :)

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The people must work more in this game, not only warband...
By the way, pardon my broke english, Great Job, plizz... Don't let it die :D

Heritage of Hussaria is a wonderful mod that adds plenty of beautiful new items and new soldiers. The variety greatly improves on the vanilla With Fire and Sword. The only negatives are that, as of the current version, there is little expansion to the basics of the game. I highly recommend Heritage of Hussaria to anyone playing With Fire and Sword


Én 10 adok mert egyrészt MAGYAROK csinálták a módot egy olyan játékhoz amihez nagyon nincsen, másrészt meg jó mód csak több huszár kellene.


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