Don't forget to check out the Patreon page for regular updates! ||| Status: Released - check IndieDB for download link ||| Hedon is an entirely original game (running on GZDoom Engine) designed by me (broadly known online as "Zan"), throughout the years, first as a concept/fantasy world, and thanks to the Doom modding community - an actual thing in the works. I'm an artist/fresh game dev who aims to go for as much original content as I can, including graphics (which I entirely draw from scratch in Photoshop), level design, coding, story, sound effects etc. in order to create a whole new game which tries to revive the long lost art of FPS design.

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This demo has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest demo.

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Run the game by clicking on the exe. DO NOT drag and drop the pk3 as it seems to cause the 3D models to not render.

Hedon 0.4.a (Testing Demo)

yea this is cool man , great setting

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Thanks, glad you enjoy, if you have more feedback just let me know.

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Hey guys, two things:
1. The lift switch at the start has a faulty script. After you restore power and it gets stuck the first time, you can keep spamming the switch to keep lowering it. Will be fixed in next demo release.
2. The Gear you get to end the mission is used in the next level which is in the works now, so don't worry about it, you don't need to use it anywhere in this level.

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Did you update the script or something? Because it doesn't really get stuck for me as far as I recall. That said, minor things I noticed in my playthrough.

1 - In the mines Inn of the final level the carpet floor texture in front of the fireplace will flicker between two different textures depending on where you're standing and looking at it from.

2 - For some reason the secret in the Inn takes a long while to open if it closes while you're in there, failing to respond to me pressing the Use key.

3 - Armor Amulets (at least in the Plaza level) count as items when they really shouldn't, otherwise if your armor is high enough, then you can't pick up that amulet making 100% item collection impossible without self-harm.

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Zan_HedonDev Author

I haven't updated anything, all updates will be in 0.5.a whenever it is ready.

1. Strange, it doesn't do that for me, flat sprites normally flicker when they are overlapped (like some paintings+wooden frame or the chandeliers). But this particular one doesn't overlap with any other sprite, it doesn't flicker or anything for me. Does it look like it sorta blends with the floor or something?

2. Good spot, fixed it! (and I actually spotted an extra thingy with the same issue while at it)

3. Yeaaaah, I did think of that as well, I suppose you're right, but you're also limited on how many consumables of a type you can carry and yet they also count. Don't have a lot of ideas on how to address this issue, though. I'd rather let it in as it is than just remove the item count.

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1 - How do you run Hedon? I run it through ZDL on GZDoom 3.1.0. for FreeDoom Phase 2. Maybe I have some trouble with versions or something? Or maybe I'm launching Hedon incorrectly?

3 - I'm fine with consumables and such counting as items, so far I've been using them as necessary and didn't have problems of having too many of them. It's the armor amulets that are the problem, one that can be solved by making them stop counting as items.

4 - Almost forgot, but the text interlude between Plaza and Barracks is a sheer wall of text, granted I'm using a small display mode (800 something), so in higher resolutions it'll probably unscrunch.

5 - In Technical Space the Mythril Ingot has a tendency to disappear if you don't press up against where it's formed before it's crushed by the plate above I think.

6 - At the end of Technical Space I usually have a Red Crystal and maybe an Iron Ingot or two left over, will there be any use for those in the future like the Mythril Gear? Maybe the crystal could be used powering the gate mechanism for which the Mythril Gear is needed?

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Zan_HedonDev Author

1. Launch by double clicking on the .exe(use what's in the download folder and nothing else). I know for a fact that drag & dropping the pk3 causes 3D models like crates to not render, but right now I'm considering getting rid of the auto launcher .exe and rolling back to the ol' .pk3 drag & drop over the .exe to launch.

2. Again, just use the stuff in Hedon's folder, I don't get why so many people insist on using other engine versions when they have all they need right in the download folder (along with the manual).

3. I'll think about it, but if I remove count for armor amulets, I'll remove count for health potions too.

4. Sadly these texts are not very resolution friendly. They have a fixed point independent of screen size, so it's a matter of manual formatting and hoping for the best. I know it's a giant block of text, and I'll keep it in mind to try and reduce it, thanks for the heads up.

5. Alright, that sounds like a huge problem. The Ingot spawns in "crush", and then the press goes up, so nothing should change with it (if the ingot were to be destroyed by the platform, it would not spawn in the first place). Yes, items can be destroyed by crushers/platforms, but it shouldn't happen unless you flag them to. I'm not sure what's going on, but it works well for me. Did some extra tests on it, no problem again. Could it be because you didn't launch the game correctly? (If you want to test, console type: give InventoryMithrilOre 5)

6. No, there are 12 Red Crystals which you could use to make bolts, and the surplus iron can be used to make spikes. I'd rather they just stayed in this level.

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Hey Zan, just wanted to tell you that i am stunned what you have done and how far you have gotten with hedon. Having played the very first demo i can (almost) only give praise. Keep in mind that i pretty much only played the two highest difficulty levels...which i now can't remeber how they are called.

+: The graphics are stunning like nothing else, so much detail is put into the enviroments and the weapons, everything looks amazing and fitting to it's own lore and visual style.

+: The gun play is amazingly solid and both very fast gun play as well as slow and tactical approaches work on higher difficulty levels, inlcusive with certain weapons being far better at oen strategy than the other, allowing for nice way of playing with the weapons and styles you want.

+/-: Everything feels nice and the sound effects fit the world. However pretty much every weapon sounds underpowered to (the exception being the axe) in contrast to how good they otherwhise feel and how much damage they deal.

+/-: Enemies often have interesting design and attacks, but they often jumble together, making it hard in groups to distinguish individual enemies until they start attacking you. This is of course only a problem to humanoid enemies.

-: While the gun play is just so damn good, certain secondary fire mods seem a bit off. The shotgun and axe in particular are strange where the flame thrower and the axethrow have shown to be far more favourable as a means of attacking that the basic attack mode, well the axethrow always was an Atom-Bomb. The praak's aim down sights looks nice but serves little purpose until now, i dunno but i never found a spot where i required it to fire more accurate or better.

That's my review, hope it gives some new perspective.

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Thanks a lot! I'm still working on balancing the weapons, I did nerf the flamethrower to make it on par with the frag shot. On the first two difficulties you can one shot standard enemies with frag, and I've made the flamethrower to be a better alternative against groups of enemies.

The axe is meant to be powerful, since later on you'll have stronger weapons & plenty of ammo and it's the only way it will still be relevant to your arsenal. Besides, being able to carry only one makes it a high risk high reward weapon which I find very nice.

Aiming down sights with the Praak increases the minimum damage it does. It's also the go to longer range weapon, so I find it a good addition to the arsenal. There are a fair bit of areas where you can make use of this, and there will be a bunch more.

Not sure why you think the sounds feel underpowered, I personally feel they are well adjusted to the weapon. I could agree about the Fragfire Gun's primary, but I already did my best to buff it up. Maybe I'll get to work on it more later on.

Other than the Conscript - Cultist - Initiate, enemies will be fairly distinct from later on.

Anyway, 0.5.a is almost here (give it a week or so), and I'm looking forward to more feedback on weapons and balancing. I have to admit, I never tested the game on the last two difficulties, so it's good to get some opinions here. I'm planning on going over difficulties once all the levels are done, but of course, I can totally adjust them before I get there.

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