The Hazardous-Course 2 is a spoof of the original "Hazard-Course" from Half-Life, which resembles the first player training levels. In contrary to this, the Hazardous-Course, as it's name let's suggest, is much more dangerous. Although it's a mod for a first person shooter, the player can only wield a weapon at the designated target range. So it plays more like an adventure. The difficulty is quite challenging, but the rewards are accordingly. The Basic Training is peppered with hidden Secrets, which reveal tools, shortcuts, control rooms, and other features, to ease almost all challenges. There are two Secret Levels and one Bonus Level to discover, and to complete to access the final part of the Hazardous-Course. Help can be found on the page in form of a FAQ and a complete walkthrough. Unfortunately these are all in german. But to be translated soon. But be aware, that these helps may spoil some surprising Easter eggs, insider gags, and a lot of the actual game play of the HC2!

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One of the most challeging, punishing, cunning, rage-inducing and funniest mods I've got my hands on.


awesome mod


Just awesome...

One of the best Half-Life mods to this day. One of the best use of entiies, great level design. Funny, challenging, a lot of content, secrets, climbing tower.
A must play mod.


A pinnacle of seamless level design, secret hunting and difficult gameplay without relying at all on gunplay. I expected a 30 minute parody of the original HL Hazard Course, what I got was a 10 hour marathon of trickjumping, problem solving, sightseeing and cinematic references.
The best singleplayer mod for this game so far.

Completely unique mod for hardcore player who is looking for something challenging, requires great platform-related skills (jump, long-jump), timing and logical thinking on a maximum level. Mod w/o the combat (excluding target range), but still one of the greatest mod I've ever played.

-You'll feel like you are in "real" Black Mesa again
-original gameplay
-incredible atmosphere
-satisfying puzzle completion
-rewarding secrets
-great and funny NPC sequences
-well-made bonus levels!
-"You can do THIS in GoldSrc?!?!" level design syndrome
-"Black Mesa Steelworks" production line is probably the best thing made in Half Life Engine
-appropriate completion time
-you'll hate and love it simultaneously

-quickload, quickload, quickload, quickload...
-bugged in certain areas
-engine limitations in some levels has been completely ignored by author (bugged moving platforms, stupid AI e.t.c.)
-some levels, like train maze, are a pure evil where fun definitely ends (some of them are additionally bugged)
-your patience will be tested uncountable number of times
-did I mention it's bugged?



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The Hazard Course is the ultimate learning tool in Half-Life and mods, It was were I perfected the many moving and shooting skills needed to survive in the game.

This mod takes this concept of staying alive to the extreme:At pretty much ever turn there could a pretty painful death waiting for you.. either being smashed by concrete, Cut in two by blades, impaled on spikes, or burned to a crisp by Molten metal.

It also Reintroduced the Sadistic atmosphere that made the Half-Quake series so enjoyable. Weapons are given at periodic times but are taken away when you leave the area.

There is also an exciting "Easter Egg" hunt to find the Lamba symbols to unlock a S(Very)Poi (Secret)Ler (Suprise)


What i like the most of this mod are the creator's mapping skills. The mod itself and the whole gameplay blend completely. I really enjoyed playing this mod and got inspirations of mapping.

I just cant believe it's so hilarious, but along difficult. It's also funny - When you get your HEV suit and go back (not in Freeman's room, where the elevator is located), you can notice G-man falling :D
9/10 because it should have been released for HLSource too, anyways it's awesome mod!


Challenging, rewarding, and downright hilarious. Well worth your time.

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One of the most challeging, punishing, cunning, rage-inducing and funniest mods I've got my hands on.

Aug 10 2012 by AUG_DUDE