Harmfuls Wrath III : Scattered Minds. You take the roll as David, a young police officer. Your last call for the night is a strange radio call that tells you to look for scrawl at the old hospital. But something goes wrong... Survive will not be easy. You have seen stuff, that can't be unseen. You dont believe what your eyes are telling you, they could tricky you. You can't understand if you are hallucinating or not... Things... Will... NEVER... Be... The... Same...

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Im really sad at the moment.

ALL my textures and planes have been rested by my own fault.
Like 9hours of backtrack will needed to be re-textured.

I am currently fixing this and kicking a hole inside my wall.

Im frustrated, tired from everything.
So no pictures will be shown today im afraid.
Im really sorry, but better this error occured early.

Regards Syltpasta