UNSC vs Covenant, as stated on the front page, is a MOD for two PC titles.The MOD focusses on the fleets in the Halo Universe. TITLES: Star Wars Empire at War HomeWorld 2 HomeWorld 2 The HomeWorld 2 version of the MOD will have a lot of ships as well as several super-ships that cannot be placed in the Empire at War version. The reason behind that is technical issues with the ship sizes. More weapons will also be made for this MOD, as well as the ability to board other ships during Space Combat. Star Wars Empire at War This version of the MOD will include space and fleet battles. Different ships, such as a special transport ship that is used to carry vehicles, will also be added. The Scarab will be added for the Covenant as well as human vehicles that can rival it. This version will have different kinds of troops, each will be differentiated by color. Also planets and places from the Halo Universe will also be added.

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