A Halo mod for the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, that aims to capture the fast paced intensity of the Halo series.

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Today we're releasing version 0.88.6 of the Sins of the Prophets public alpha! This update includes numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and tweaks to the Flood AI! A full changelog will be available at the bottom of the post!

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Greetings Fleetmasters and Admirals!

Today we're releasing version 0.88.6 of the Sins of the Prophets public alpha!

This update includes numerous balance changes, bug fixes, and tweaks to the Flood AI! A full changelog will be available at the bottom of the post!

Flood Updates

flood ship

The most notable change for this release are the tweaks to how the Flood works. We've taken several steps to make the Flood more manageable to play against and less harsh on the CPU. Previously, much like in the lore, the Flood would directly attack the nature of the game universe to make playing them more difficult. This was an unintended effect and we've taken steps to ensure the player is now facing Gravemind level intelligences rather than Key Minds.

Crucial changes to how the Flood work include there being a one Gravemind limit per planet (while simultaneously beefing up the individual unit), changing the Flood Guardian unit to be a stationary platform, reduced fleet sizes as well as beefing up individual Flood ships to compensate for reduced numbers, and finally removing the Flood's access to neural physics.


arty bois2

Players reported experiencing an unusually large number of Eion-class Carriers in the 0.88.5 release so we've taken steps to bring those numbers back into the designated amounts. We've also taken steps to ensure the proper number of DSC-classes show up in Covenant fleets. There was also an issue where fleets were not building the expected number of capital ships and we've taken steps to remedy that. We've also updated the Artemis-class's deck guns to be more similar in damage type to the Punic's. Overall this update looks rather thin, but the changes we've made are critical to your playing experience and we highly encourage you to update as your playthroughs will be more enjoyable in 0.88.6.


Over the last couple of months our new artist VFXNinja has created some spiffy wallpapers for the Infinity, her Strident-class escorts, and the ORS-class Heavy Cruiser and her escorting fleet. Clicking the image will lead to the full size version.

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Sins of the Prophets Alpha v0.88.6


SotP 0.88.6 Changelog

  • Forerunner Portals/Wormholes are now called Terminus.
  • Forerunner Terminus have been tweaked slightly.
  • CPV mesh tweaks.
  • CAS texture tweaks.
  • Covenant research menu updates.
  • Various other UI updates.
  • Reduced numbers of Eions and increased DSC numbers in AI fleets to decrease lag and balance out compositions, respectfully.
  • Remedied AI’s aversion to building capital ships.
  • Fixed issues with Artemis/DOS de-cloak ability.
  • Fixed Artemis deck gun type issue.
  • Fixed issue with DOS having strikecraft upon leveling.
  • Fixed issue with Flood Guardian shield mesh.
  • Fixed Gravemind spawning vanilla debris.
  • Halved Flood fleet numbers and altered ship stats to compensate.
  • Increased Gravemind weapon damage.
  • Limited Graveminds to 1 per world.
  • New Gravemind ability: A planet wide weapon damage and damage resistance buff.
  • Flood guardians will now be stationary defenders around planets if the flood are activated. Their numbers are also doubled.
  • Flood world gravity wells reduced in size to match other planets.

I once started a game intended for Flood survival. I tabbed out of the game without pausing it, was gone for like 3 hours before I realised, got back, and apparently I was surrounded by a Covenant faction, being limited to 3 colonies and getting attacked on all sides.

Suddenly, that covenant faction was defeated.

And then I saw the swarm that was the Flood...

I haven't finished that game yet, but I'm pretty sure that the Flood had spread to 60% of that star system and I'm in for a thorough thrashing.

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I guess you could say I'm in *Grave* danger.

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Get out XD

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Did you eventually *Locke* up the Flood and throw away the *Keyes*?

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oh wow

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Thank you for the update!.

Also i hate to be that guy but.... the frigate factory you can upgrade the anchor with. When you build a ship in there it's facing the station instead of the open space. I already said that a couple of versions back then but it seems like it's not fixed yet.
Anyways keep up the great work!

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