The fate of the entire human race rests in your hands. Lead it to victory, or crush it as you march to salvation!

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Amazingly done and i cant wait to review your space and full version, just to amazing to say anything else!

It is obvious Farseer put an amazing amount of work into this mod, it is the best Halo mod for FOC out there! 10 out of 10.

A great mod. Definitely worth playing, in my opinion. Despite the fact that it's only a beta, it's already high quality.

Good so far. Cant wait for the full release.

I think the mod is great, but unbalanced as hell.
Hunters: WAY to powerful, and should be a squad unit (pairs!)
Zealots: Also WAY to powerful, I can't stress that enough. They are Infantry(!) that can take 90mm of tungsten to the face and keep on going.
Drop ships: I'm not going to say they're to powerful, I'm going to say they start shooting way too early. I suggest a shorter landing time.
Fuel-rod shades: Weaker shorter range and problem solved. Currently FRS to scorpion tank rate is one to one, and should be in favor of the tanks.
AI: Should use infantry more in later stages, as it gets really hard as the UNSC when everything is Hunters or zealots.
Jackal snipers: Should have some with carbines and should be garrison-able.
Snipers in general: Should be better against light vehicles.
Special abilities: Should be more common, for example: Standard infantry should have their factions grenade as an auto ability.
Range and damage: Should link with line of sight, and should be increased according to weapon.
Transports ( or more to the point the lack there of): Using infantry can be a pain be cause of movement speed. A vehicle capable of moving one or more teams of infantry quickly across the map.
Speed: Movement speed is unusually slow in this mod. It can ruin a game as I have found.
Unit cap: TOO SMALL! I could deal with the other problems if this was rectified. A simple doubling or tripling would fix this problem.

All in all, a good mod. room for improvement, but it's a beta, so not finished. Still better than Halo Wars(By about three fold). Keep up the Good Work.



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good job Farseer! love it!

Best mod I've seen for EaW:FoC. Period.


so mutch better then the other halo mod


I really likes this, mod, it had a halo feel, to it, like you could take on anything with your army.
I give this a 10 because its just the beta, but there are a few things I believe should be tweaked, fuel rod turret's power, strength of certain units.

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Amazingly done and i cant wait to review your space and full version, just to amazing to say anything else!

Dec 13 2011 by Legion778