Some of you in the mod community remember the original one-map Half-Life Halloween mod I created in 2001, and even more of you have played the 2002 version I also made for Half-Life. The Halloween 2005 mod will take elements of the 2002 version and use the capabilities of the source engine to make an extended Halloween themed single-player HL2 mod with an new, indepth and original storyline taking the player from his suburban neighborhood to do battle with the evils of Halloween Land, and ultimately, the Grim Reaper. The style of game-play will be similar to that of GTA in that you are given tasks by characters to complete in other maps and return after completion to gain money, items, or to simply progress along the storyline.

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"Pumpkin Night" started out as a unique mod that I thought would somewhat sooner........rather than much, much, much 'later' (or is it 'NEVER?')....actually become interesting...

In this mod you and a friend are dressed in Halloween costumes and go trick or treating. You visit QUITE A FEW HOUSES on several street blocks or more that all look the same -- and when you ring the doorbell at EVERY HOUSE -- an identical looking man answers to your same repetitive statement: "Trick or treat a**hole."

I visited no less than probably about 20 or 30 houses and after this length of time I gave up on this mod.....since up to that point that's all it was: Frequenting identical-looking houses and ringing doorbells to get a treat. I never had the impression that this monotony would EVER change...and that anything DIFFERENT or INTERESTING would happen.....

Does this mod eventually EVER go anywhere? Does it eventually change? Do you eventually (after visiting MANY houses) enter a haunted house or a house of sorts that you become trapped in....or, instead, does this mod stay repetitive throughout its length -- who knows how long it lasts?

I rate "Pumpkin Night" a 2/10. If the creator of this mod had a point to make, or if there is an actual adventure or story somewhere in this mod -- and if he didn't want one to give up on it -- he should've done so far sooner than he did...


This is ******* stupid ****** broken garbage, you have caused people unparalleled amounts of pain, please go **** your face.

Not very good


I played this mod long time ago and I remember it like a good mod because this was one of the first "horror" mods I've played.

Good fun fighting pumpkin heads :D

However, the trick-or-treating segment at the beginning was tedious and unnecessarily long, plus, the trek to the house was also very long and it certainly didn't help matters that on your way back, vines would block your path until you've killed all the pumpkin heads. And you'll certainly run out of ammo before you even make it a quarter of the way the way back home.

This happens many more times even back in the neighborhood, thankfully, ammo is plentiful so it's not as tedious.

Only play if you really want to blow away some pumpkins, otherwise, stay clear if you hate going through filler.


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