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We dont need UD pack!!! Besides models not yours!!!
And as I spoke earlier, this mod = epic fail!!!

HD models don't blend well with Half-Life. I'm not saying effort wasn't put into these models, they just don't look right in a game released in 1998.


Hey guy, dont ":(" :)
Is cool pack))


The valve and gearbox originals models are better than a lot of hd models. Why? Beause the originals animations are often better.
The originals models have also a better ambiance and artwork. The HD models have often too mucj polys for nothing, and i don't like their artwork.
It's just my opinion, but I rarely see good HD models. A HD model just must be the original model with a better definition.
But in Svencoop, the HD models are goods, and it is a good mod.


love it!ALL THE 1 RATERS ARE ****!

All these skins already exist separately, There is no need to put them all together, In addition it has already been done several times

not worth it, By the way, this is stolen

Oh my god, stolen content again!

Ohhhhhhhh stolen pack


All the due credits are given, it's not stolen, it's a copilation, and if you don't like HD models, then why are you even here?

This mod is getting a lot of hate for borrowing materials from other modders. While I understand that can be off putting to others, for me it's a very convenient compilation of a lot of really good looking hd textures and models. Until half life R is done and redux is smoothed out. I say this is about as good as its gonna get. Nicely done imo

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Hey guy, dont ":(" :)
Is cool pack))

Dec 31 2011 by FiredFox3