HALF-LIFE: Operation Rosenberg. Be part of HECU forces to capture Dr Rosenberg after he escaped from Black Mesa.

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Really nice maps... (some 9/10)
But f. annoying gameplay -.- (at the beginning was really fun and later 2/10) (+ way too long)


OK I'am new in MODDB and I got here just looking for Half Life mods on google. I really liked this mod and I think some people are not giving it the rating it deserves. That's why I give a 10!


barfingchicken says

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Needs work, but great idea! Species X (the aliens in Opposing Force) aren't introduced until the events after Blue Shift when this game is set. Although nothing is canon, so there is no base storyline, I just felt the need to write this because of how cynical I am. Otherwise, good job for the most part. New mods are always appreciated.

good mod! a bit broken down but intersting story!!

This is a good mod, It takes me back to when Opposing Force was brand new.

This mod is intensely hard but that's what makes it unique:Unlike Opposing Force, Here you have to think in order to survive and use your incredible arsenal to get through.


Zamasu2000 says

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Ok I give this Mod an 8. I will explain why:

---S P O I L E R S !!---

Personally, I've always loved Half Life story and specially Opposing Force spin-off. I truly love HL mods in wich you are a marine, in this case Corporal Collins, an Hecu soldier.
This marine is sent from Black Mesa to a hidden area of this facility, the Area 99. This is apparently a place where dirty experiments of the government are taken place.

This Mod has 2 endings:
1) HAPPY ONE :) - You find Dr Rosenberg, save him of being murdered by Black Ops and escape later in a chopper with him and a couple of soldiers.
2) At the middle of the game, when you are in the TrainYard, you can take one of the trains back to Black Mesa. This means you desert from your mission making the Colonel in charge really furious. At this point the marines will attack you and you become a "new Freeman". Finally you can escape in a Chinook helicopter just before the BM nuclear explotion started by Gman.

The way this 2 lines of the story of Operation Rosenberg connect with the HL original story is great ( you can also see Gordon and Barney in parts of the mod).

There is a long, challenging and enjoyable training mission.

The gameplay is interesting and the new features such as weapon skins, dialogues, keycards, keypads, C4, etc make this Mod a nice piece of work.

There are 3 secret levels: in 2 of them you find yourself in some sort of catacombs with satanic references. This is a fabulous hidden story inside Operation Rosenberg: apparently some scientists of Area99 were satanic members of a cult.
The third secret level is even more interesting: You travel to the future and end up in city 17! No combat here but a short view of what future Earth will unfortunately become.

Now, let me start with the ugly things:
It is a very tough Mod, sometimes you are overwhelmed by the enemies attacks or you can't get enough resources... you might get stuck in some parts of the levels or elevators ( this happens in HL and its official mods also). At the first 3 levels, you find it very difficult to take the marines with you. Some valuable information is only given to you once! You need to read a lot of maps and stuff to discover keys and pathways ( a bit boring to me!).

OVERALL: Great story, nice gameplay, interesting new features BUT some bothering glitches.

That's all! Sorry for writing so much folks! ;)

I think the story of this mod is very nice! I would have given it a 10 if there weren't a couple of issues/bugs involving the gameplay of this mod! Despite that, congratulations! I really enyojed playing it!

I will vote this 8/10 because of the great story behind this Mod.
The technical issues are a bit bothering but you can play this anyway.

I really like the story and the mod as an overall.
I think the author made some technical mistakes that could have been avoided to make this mod even better. Probably he is a rookie at mod designing but the mod is very good.

After playing this MOD I have to say is one of the best Half Life Mods I've played over the last years. There are some things to improve though.
This is my general review:

-Excellent story.
-Good skins.
-Good levels (even though some where to tough to finish)
-Two endings.
-Secret levels.
-Hidden weapons.
-Easter eggs (such as films posters, nice classic songs and Doom references)

-Some parts of the game kind of get "laggy"
-Some levels were too difficult to finish (you may run out of ammo or end up with too low health)
-You have to read too much!! Hehe.
-You need to think and re-think a lot in some cases to figure it out what to do.

After saying all, I have to say IT IS REALLY WORTH PLAYING!!

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