Need to start some were in modding right? Why not try the Half-Life modding Kit. This Kit is designed to have all the tools you need to start your own Half-Life mod, simple mods can be made or advance ones like Base Defense with this small set of tools. If you want to start modding Half-Life you should try this.

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Great Idea for helping the kids!

actually F*ck YOU

thank you for all of this user frienly modding kit


I am very greatfull to you!

To be honest, no words can really describe how much this has helped me with my mod. Thanks to the resources provided, not only can I code weapons and NPCs and make maps, but I also have a broader perspective on what makes a weapon a weapon, a NPC a NPC, and a map a map. I thank you with all of my heart for making this available to all, because some of this stuff you really can't find anywhere else!

So far an excellent "mod". After digging up my old unfinished mod this package has helped me piece what I have back together and begin working on it again. I'll go deeper into the rabbit hole later for custom coding, but now I'm happy with the "exterior" stuff to get a foothold on where I left off.

Nice idea man.


.-. good job... *claps* k should i download 2.2 half-life Modding Kit?


The Hakf-Life Modding Kit is a very well gathered package of all sorts of software, documentation and whatnot that I guy with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm could have wished for. Will track it for updates and upgrades for sure :)

Well that's like a bundled half life with its expansions and half life 2 with its episodes. This bundle of mod making tools is best! But I think I'll keep using the classic MSPaint.

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Great Idea for helping the kids!

Jun 4 2016 by G.P.A